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25-02-2012 21:19

Konkurs z Ninją KFC

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Konkurs z Ninją KFC

Siemanko, jeśli wszystkie dotychczasowe gry Ci się przejadły i nie masz w co grać, albo zawsze chciałeś zagrać Ninją i nie kręciło Cię picie herbatki, albo znasz jeszcze inny powód dlaczego to akurat Tobie powinienem podesłać klucz do PDFa?


Masz czas do końca lutego czyli do środy 29.02 do 23.59h aby mnie o tym poinformować, osoba która wykaże się największą determinacją, lub uda jej się mnie przekonać, że na pewno zagra w tę grę a nie tylko zakopie PDFa głęboko w czeluściach dysku twardego może liczyć na moją przychylność :)


Ale o co chodzi?

O grę Eloya Lasanty z Third Eye Games ( Part-Time Gods, Apocalypse Prevention Inc.,

Wu Xing)

Wu Xing The Ninja Crusade do dostania na DriveThruRPG



Gra ma całkiem niezłą prasę.



A tu macie info z czym to się je:



Setting Summary


Four years ago, the latest war waged upon the ninja of the Empire began. This “Ninja Crusade” was ordered by the Emperor and his wayward son who took charge after the Empress’s murder and princess’s poisoning. Even though the ninja of the Empire have been allies to his family, helping to protect citizens and keep the peace, the Emperor suspects that ninja had something to do with these horrible events. The ninja, whose clans have carved the Empire into delicate and fluctuating territories, were caught unaware and many of their hidden, remote villages were destroyed by the Empire’s soldiers. The ninja quickly decided that their survival was more important than their old rivalries and begrudgingly started the Lotus Coalition, a group of ninja that are leading the rebellion against the overzealous Emperor.


The ninja themselves have access to the building blocks of the universe: chi manipulation. With it they can create spectacular displays of magic to utilize against the Empire. They have commenced with several attacks and successfully defended their strongholds against the soldiers… and each other. Yes, sadly, the ninja have not put all of their old enmity aside and contests for territory and influence still occur between the clans, each trying to find their place in this time of war.


Characters can be pulled into the Ninja Crusade, and its intense conflict and political intrigue in a number of ways. They can be sent as emissaries to the Lotus Coalition to aid in full on assaults or they can exist in secret, as ninja, right next to the very soldiers that want them dead. Plenty of clans have peacefully existed in the same villages and towns as normal citizens, living reasonably simple lives and cultivating their own families, connections and responsibilities to their communities. However, some clans exist in a state of constant warfare and cannot rest until their enemies die bleeding or their own lives are ended.


Mood Summary


Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade is a game of suspicion and rebellion. The setting is full of intrigue, betrayal, personal and physical conflict and amazing powers sought through years of mystical training. Ninja from rival clans are forced to work together in the efforts to rebel against the Empire, but this by no means makes them friends. Hatred burns hot and creates conflict within the group quite often. The characters need to use warfare and political strategy if they hope to win this war. The Empire’s army is formidable, wielding more numbers with stronger weapons which has put the ninja on the defensive. The ninja have no clue if they “can” win the war, but they must give it their all… or they (and the people they protect) are surely doomed.


Playable Characters


Players take the role of ninja from one of the many clans that reside in the Empire. Below are the 10 most influential clans in the realm.


  • Bamboo Herbalists: Genius doctors and thrill-seekers, they are premiere medical ninja
  • Blazing Dancers: Entertainers, well known for their acrobatic acts and fiery performances
  • Grasping Shadows: Traditionalists, spies and assassins, they wield power over shadows and stealth
  • Hidden Strands of Fate: Master manipulators, well adept at pulling strings (both literal and political)
  • Living Chronicle: Historians, keeping knowledge alive in their minds and on their bodies
  • Pack of the Black Moon: Ranchers and farmers, they are experts on animals, especially dogs
  • Recoiling Serpents: Fallen lords, masters of poison and survival
  • Virtuous Body Gardeners: Feisty warriors and artists, the newest clans that specializes in tattoos
  • Wardens of Equilibrium: Merchants, who seek to balance the world and turning a profit while doing so
  • Will of Iron: Sheriffs, they believe in invoking justice wherever they go
  • Ronin: The clanless, composed of exiles, rouges and wanderers

Dynamic Gaming System


The DGS is a simple to learn system that uses only a single die… a 1d20 (or twenty-sided die). With one die, players can easily navigate through all the basic mechanics for everything in the world. This includes the innovative combat system that puts the player in the driver’s seat, allowing them to make strategic choices about their character’s personal battle style.




Blurb z okładki:


The Emperor has called for blood! All ninja of the Izou Empire face the crushing might of their own nation. Where once there was peace, now there is only destruction and death. The ninja are forced to fight back, wielding the ancient art of chi manipulation alongside their shuriken and katana. Empire soldiers pack their own secret weapons to combat ninja wushu… powerful firearms.
The ninja of the realm have assembled into their own army, the Lotus Coalition. Together, they hope to take down the Empire and stop the reign of destruction upon the people of the land. That is if they can overcome centuries old feuds and
rivalries that could destroy them from within!

This Book Includes:

  • A guide to the Izou Empire and the machinations behind their Ninja Crusade
  • Information on all the Empire’s major cities and landmarks
  • Rules for playing any one of the 10 most influential Ninja Clans, like the Recoiling Serpents or the Virtuous Body Gardeners
  • Easy-to-learn, flexible character creation rules
  • Fully immersive mechanics and 11 Fighting Styles make combat an intense experience
  • Complete rules for 20 Wushu paths, celestial animals and tips on crafting your own ninja stories.
Wiem, że kryteria oceny bardzo subiektywne są, niemniej zapraszam gorąco do wzięcia udziału bo gra wydaje się być całkiem interesująca. Zamykam kramik 23:59 w środę 29.02. Powodzenia :) (notka dostępna również u mnie na blogu.)


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