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Wired Neon Cities
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Tytuł: Wired Neon Cities
Autor: Scott Malthouse
Ilustracja na okładce: JE Stock art
Ilustracje: JE Stock art
Wydawca oryginału: Trollish Delver Games
Data wydania oryginału: 1 maja 2017
Cena: Co łaska

Welcome to Glow City, where the corporations will beat you down as much as the gangs. Cyberninjas patrol the neon streets with katanas, the Iron Maidens roam the roads with chains and chop shops are filled with the poor and bored who want to alter their bodies beyond their wildest dreams. Hulking sentries guard the gleaming skyscrapers of the elite and psycho juicers drop adrenaline before holding up convenience stores.

Wired Neon Cities is a minimalist cyberpunk roleplaying game that uses the In Darkest Warrens system. Think a 1980's style future with a chiptune theme. All rules are covered in just two sides of A4, while setting details and a character sheet fit onto another page. Despite its brevity, these rules contain everything you need to play, including an enemies list, augmentations, hacking rules and more. 

Wired Neon Cities includes:

  • A simple d6 system that allows for flexibility in roleplaying
  • Setting information for Glow City
  • Six classes: Cyberninja, Hacker, Gunner, Mechanic, Face and Doc
  • A list of enemies
  • Augment your character with derm shields, voice modulators, flame throwers, arm blades and more.

Źródło: http://www.trollishdelver.com

Tagi: Wired Neon Cities | Trollish Delver Games

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