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Unhallowed Metropolis
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Tytuł: Unhallowed Metropolis
Autorzy: Jason Soles, Nicole Vega
Ilustracje: Samuel Araya, Arion Dittbrenner, Eliza Gauger, Raven Mimura, Jennifer Quesada, Brian Snoddy, Trent Thynes, Melissa Uran, Robert Brown, Angel Ceballos, Eliza Gauger, George Higham, Marc 17
Wydawca oryginału: Eos Press
Data wydania oryginału: 2007
Liczba stron: 392
Oprawa: twarda
ISBN-13: 978-0-9710642-9-4
Cena: 39,95$

The Nature of The Game – Unhallowed Metropolis is a dark horror fable written and created by Jason Soles and Nicole Vega. Inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Nikola Tesla and painstakingly researched by the authors, the game is steeped heavily in Victorian history and science to provide a rich role-playing experience. A Dark World - Set two hundred years in a terrifying London, after the advent of the Zombie Plague, it has taken decades for the survivors to learn to fight back, to retake what they had lost. Recalling the golden age that had come before, the Neo-Victorians set out to rebuild their shattered world. Despite the heavy cost in human life, their cities were reclaimed one by one until only the sepulchers, or plague-cities, remained under death's dominion. Though the survivors had succeeded constructing a new world on the bones of the old, it is a world rife with terrors undreamt of. What You Can Play – In the Blighted world of Unhallowed Metropolis, there are many Callings to which players can rise to the occasion; the gritty, bounty-hunting Undertakers; the silent celibate knife-wielding Mourners; the coldly analytical Doctors; and the frightening halfblood children of the vampires, the Dhampiri. All of these Callings and more are available to play, allowing players to cut their own swath in their own way in the world. Fast Rules – Unhallowed Metropolis follows the Eos Press model for roleplaying games – in other words, it has rules custom-designed and playtested to emulate and enhance play in its world. Play is both gritty and fast, befitting the brutal nature of a world dominated by the Undead. Plenty to Do – Characters in Unhallowed Metropolis can solve mysteries, fight against the unending hordes of the Undead, wheel and deal in places of power, check the infiltration of vampires into the upper classes, burn out sepulchers and try to return them to a habitable state and much more! Features – The Unhallowed Metropolis roleplaying game includes:
  • Amazing art – Unhallowed Metropolis is chock-full of amazing art, whether the beautiful covers by the talented photo-sculptor George Higham; industry favorites such as Melissa Uran, Samuel Araya, and Eliza Gauger and Aron Dittbrenner; as well as talented newcomers (first seen in Weapons of the Gods!) like Trent Thynes.
  • Point-based character build system with illustrated examples
  • Interesting and varied character concepts to play; Mourner and Undertaker depicted above
  • Rich and detailed content written by Jason Soles (known for Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine) and Nicci Vega (talented newcomer to the industry).
  • Easy-to-use rules that reinforce atmosphere
  • Large self-contained book that has all you need to play – rules, setting and character abilities and equipment as well as culture.
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