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Shadow World Player Guide - The World

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Shadow World Player Guide - The World
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Tytuł: Shadow World Player Guide - The World
Linia wydawnicza: Shadow World, Rolemaster
Autor: Terry Kevin Amthor
Okładka: Craig John
Ilustracje: Craig John
Wydawca oryginału: Guild Companion Publications, Iron Crown Enterprises
Data wydania oryginału: 2010
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 52
Oprawa: Miękka
Format: A4
ISBN-13: 2-370004-053073
Numer katalogowy: GCP-SW-1001
Cena: 14,64$

The skyship trembled and began to list to starboard, her structure creaking ominously. Both men staggered but regained their balance as the craft slewed about in a strangely majestic spin, drawn towards the Essænce vortex. Ignoring the wind tearing at his clothes and flowing hair, Sulfean carefully replaced his Compass in its padded leather pouch. Moje fought to control his own flapping cloak in this sudden gale, while the Navigator turned to face the storm.

Step into the Shadow World with this indispensable and system-independent guide to a richly detailed and exotic fantasy setting. Designed explicitly for players, the World Guide will inform and delight newcomers and veterans alike through crystal-clear text and stunning artwork, which bring the world's wonders to glorious life. For gamemasters, this book will answer the questions of what every character should know about the magic, the lands, the gods, the history, and the peoples of Shadow World.

Welcome to the Shadow World.

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Tagi: Shadow World | Shadow World Player Guide - The World | Iron Crown Enterprises | Rolemaster | Guild Companion Publications Ltd

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Shadow World Player Guide – The World
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