» Romance in the Air • A World of Adventure for Fate Core

Romance in the Air • A World of Adventure for Fate Core

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Romance in the Air • A World of Adventure for Fate Core
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Tytuł: Romance in the Air
Linia wydawnicza: FATE: Worlds of Adventure
Autor: Bill White
Ilustracje: Diego Rodriguez, Priscilla Spencer
Wydawca oryginału: Evil Hat Productions
Data wydania oryginału: 9 grudnia 2014
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 52
Format: PDF
Cena: Pay What You Want

All aboard the Pension Bellevue for a trip full of romance, intrigue, and peril!
Enjoy the heady, innocent days before the war in Romance in the Air, a Fate world and adventure by Bill White, author of Ganakagok. In the skies over a fin de siècle Europe that never was, the aristocracy mingles in elegant comfort upon balloon-borne sky-salons and aerial lounges, dallying in an endless round of parties and excursions.

But the winds of war are rising, and ambitious nobles rub elbows with scheming spymasters to decide the succession of a key Central European province. Romance meets high-stakes political intrigue as the affections of a young countess sway the fate of nations, while down below earthbound commoners look to the skies and dream of flight. It’s Downton Abbey meets Last Exile, on a collision course with Dr. Zhivago.

Romance in the Air requires Fate Core to play. This 52-page supplement contains:

  • New skills such as Pilot, Gamble, and Command with sample stunts that allow for fancy flying, high-stakes gambling, and more.
  • Airship systems, stunts, and samples to get you into airborne maneuvers quickly.
  • A map-based travel system that allows for random encounters and problems on each leg of the trip.
  • Adventure seeds and location profiles to help create your own custom adventure.
Romance in the Air. Fight for your country…and for your heart.

The Fate Adventures & Worlds line provides compact, rich, affordable, gorgeous settings with a ready-to-go adventure for GMs in a pinch. Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening. 

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