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Qin: The Warring States

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Qin: The Warring States
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Tytuł: Qin: The Warring States Core Rulebook
Linia wydawnicza: Qin: The Warring States
Autor: Neko, Florrent
Autorzy: Neko. Florrent. Kristoff. Romain D'Huissier
Tłumaczenie: Marcus M. Birch
Okładka: Aleksi Briclot
Ilustracje: Aleksi Briclot, Marc Simonetti, Anne Rouvin, Jaouen, Christian Naits, Bertrand Bes
Wydawca oryginału: Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Data wydania oryginału: 2005
Miejsce wydania oryginału: Anglia
Liczba stron: 272
Oprawa: twarda
Format: A4
ISBN-10: 978-1-9072040-0-5
Numer katalogowy: CB7401
Cena: £29.99

China. 240 BC. The state of Qin is the most authoritarian and brutal of all the Warring States. Its vast and disciplined army stands ready to embark on its great project : the union of all things under Heaven into a single Empire, or Tian Xia. But you can still change the course of history. Become a legend! Enter the epic world of Warring States China, a world of colorful myths and timeless legends, bold wu xia and beautiful courtesans, wise scholars and scheming eunuchs, exorcists and monsters…. All await the daring exploits and noble deeds of a new generation of heroes.

The game contains:

• A historical and cultural presentation of Ancient China.

• A description of each of the seven states, each with its own powerful factions, key figures, and closely-guarded secrets.

• A free character creation system and seven pre-generated characters. No classes.

• A description of the four mysterious ways of Magic.

• A game system enabling you to recreate the spectacular action scenes of Chinese martial arts movies.

• An introductory scenario which will transport you to the heart of this ancient and fascinating world.

You're a hero. Become a legend!
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Qin: The Warring States
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