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Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules

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Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules
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Tytuł: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules
Linia wydawnicza: Iron Kingdoms, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed
Autorzy: Matt Goetz, Doug Seacat, Jason Soles, Simon Berman, Erik Scott de Bie, Craig Campbell, David Carl, Claire N. Conte, Matt James, Daniel Marthaler, Michael G. Ryan, William Schoonover, William Shick
Okładka: twarda
Ilustracje: Néstor Ossandón, Andrea Uderzo, Andrew Arconti, Chris Bourassa, Carlos Cabrera, Oscar Cafaro, Eric Deschamps, Matt Dixon, Troy Galluzzi, Mariusz Gandzel, Adam Gillespie, Ross Grams, Johan Grenier, Nick Kay, Aleksey Kovalenko, Alberto Dal Lago, Ben Lo, Rap
Wydawca oryginału: Privateer Press
Data wydania oryginału: 22 kwietnia 2015
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 480
Oprawa: twarda
Format: A4
ISBN-13: 978-1-933362-91-5
Cena: 59,99 USD

Welcome to the savage side of the Iron Kingdoms! Iron Kingdoms Unleashed explores the untamed lands of western Immoren, where even the heroes are monsters. To survive, you’ll need a bad attitude and a big appetite. Bash, slice, and chomp your way through your foes, then use their broken bodies as a power-packed snack to fuel your rampages or as ingredients for your primal magic. Monsters may be bad, but being a monster is good.

Let your bestial nature loose with this essential full-color guide to the wild side of the Iron Kingdoms, enabling you to:

  • Experience the primal nature of the more uncivilized parts of the Iron Kingdoms through a robust, visceral rules system that is also fully compatible with the award-winning Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy rules.
  • Become a savage hero and evolve into a legend with iconic careers including bone grinders, bloodweavers, monster hunters, warlocks, and more.
  • Tap into your inner beast as one of eight playable races, each with their own strengths and attributes: bog trog, farrow, gatorman, human, Nyss, pyg, Tharn, and trollkin.
  • Control powerful warbeasts, craft magical talismans from the bodies of your fallen foes, and fight to survive in unforgiving environments.
  • Immerse yourself in life in the wilderness and the savage history of western Immoren.

    Become a hero.
    Eat what you kill.

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