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Linia wydawnicza: In Darkest Warrens
Autor: Scott Malthouse
Ilustracje: J.M. Woiak, Jack Badashski, Heather Shinn of the Stinkygoblin, Dyson Logos
Wydawca oryginału: Trollish Delver Games
Data wydania oryginału: 29 marca 2020
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 5
Format: pdf
Cena: co łaska

IN DARKEST WARRENS - ULTIMATE EDITION is a minimalist fantasy roleplaying game whose basic rules cover two pages, including a bestiary and introductory adventure. All you need is some six-sided dice, paper, pencils and, of course, a bunch of buddies to play with. 

The Ultimate Edition includes even more bang for your buck, with a Referee Guide, collating rules from two supplements, and Darkholme, a town setting - perfect for starting your campaign. Here's what else you get in this slim package:

  • All the rules you need, including character advancement for campaign play
  • Five classes: warrior, rogue, barbarian, mage and ranger
  • Six optional races: Human, elf, dwarf, halfling, half-orc, and dragonkin 
  • A bestiary containing 23 fiendish monsters to throw at your players
  • Super easy resolution system - all you need is a single d6
  • An introductory adventure: The Cow of Boburn
  • Rules for travelling, traps and adventuring
  • A one-page setting - Darkholme, filled with hooks to get you playing
  • Cleaned up and modified rules
  • Fantastic art from Stinky Goblin

Print the rules right out and use them for reference at the table. Perfect for a pick-up and play game.

What's In Darkest Warrens all about?

  • Rulings, not rules: IDW doesn't give you every rule you need (it's only 4 pages, after all) so players and referees are expected to be interpretive and creative when it comes to rules that aren't covered. 
  • Player creativity over character stats: There are no lists of skills and feats in the game. Players will rely on their ingenuity and lateral thinking to overcome challenges. Referees will reward cleverness and creativity.
  • Easily compatable with old school material: IDW rules are hyperlite, making it easy to run your favourite adventures with minimal fuss. 
  • Simple to run: You can read over the rules and hit the table in a short space of time. The rules are easy to remember, too.

Updates from the original edition

If you're a fan of the original game, here are some of the changes made to the basic rules:

  • Creatures in the bestiary no longer have to use an action to use their abilities - most have innate special rules now
  • Mages and Barbarians can now only wear hide armour, but Barbarians have increased in wounds
  • Advanced combat has been cleaned up to get rid of a couple of troublesome rules
  • Gain 2 wounds when levelling rather than 1. Also some xp reward levels have changed
  • Death rules have changed to increase game tension

Źródło: https://trollish-delver-games.itch.io

Tagi: In Darkest Warrens | In Darkest Warrens Ultimate Edition | Trollish Delver Games

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