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Gods of the Fall

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Gods of the Fall
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Tytuł: Gods of the Fall
Linia wydawnicza: Cypher System
Autor: Bruce R. Cordell
Ilustracje: Jacob Atienza, chrom, Sam Cullum, Jason Engle, Fesbra, Anton Kagounkin Magdalina, Patrick McEvoy, Giorgio De Michele (Erebus), Mirco Paganessi, Grzegorz Pedrycz, Roberto Pitturru, Scott Purdy, Aaron J. Riley, Lie Setiawan, Joe Slucher, Lee Smith, Kim Soko,
Wydawca oryginału: Monte Cook Games
Data wydania oryginału: 21 czerwca 2016
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 192
Format: PDF
ISBN-13: 9781939979537
Cena: 17,99 USD

The Gods are Dead—Now It’s Your Turn

There was a time when gods walked the world. Their magic pervaded the earth and the sky. From their mystical realm of Elanehtar, they brought plenty and pestilence. They judged the living and the dead. Their rule was absolute.

Then Elanehtar fell to earth like a vengeful star, sparking cataclysm and plunging the world into a dark age. The gods are gone, but their works remain—scattered and broken. The world struggles under the yoke of murder, slavery, and corruption. Dark things have squirmed free of their divine prisons, and even the afterlife has become a realm of nightmares.

But a power has awoken against the darkness. A divine spark struck in the hearts of new gods-in-the-making. You have this spark—the seed of godhood within you. Can you restore what was broken before the world vanishes forever into darkness? Can you claim a place for yourself in the heavens?

This book includes:

  • A complete, ready-to-play fantasy game world for the Cypher System, with a detailed history, new races, dozens of unique locations, and an array of celestial powers to choose from.
  • New creatures and NPCs, including the monstrous Hellmaw, guardian of the afterlife; seraphs, metallic servants of the divine; and ravers, the reanimated husks of dead gods.
  • Rules for growing your character from adventurer to god. Find your spark, choose your dominion, face divine challenges and labors, and fulfill prophecy to create a new pantheon.

Gods of the Fall is a complete campaign setting for the Cypher System. You need the Cypher System Rulebook to play Gods of the Fall.

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