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Gamma World Player's Handbook

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Gamma World Player's Handbook
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Tytuł: Gamma World Player's Handbook
Linia wydawnicza: Gamma World
Autorzy: Bruce Baugh, Ian Eller, Lizard, Mikko Rautalahti, Geoff Skellams
Ilustracje: Edward Bourelle,Mike Chaney,Jeff Holt,Jeff Laubenstein,Brian LeBlanc,James Stowe,Nate Pride,Timothy Truman
Data wydania oryginału: 2003
Liczba stron: 224
ISBN-10: 1-58846-069-X
Numer katalogowy: WW 17250
Cena: $34.95

The Final Wars destroyed civilization, and the world became the
domain of savages and monsters. Competing forces battle for
control of the shattered remains, using everything from strong fists
and cold steel to the most advanced science of the old world and
mysterious new powers of the mind.
Discover a New World
Welcome to a new edition of the classic sci-fi adventure game,
energized for the 21st century! Gamma World Player?s
Handbook pays homage to the classic editions of years past,
while incorporating entirely new concepts certain to appeal to
fans new and old. Play humans, mutants and new races created
in the chaos of the Final Wars, out not just to survive but to thrive
in the midst of danger and mystery. Hardcover.

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