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Fractured Kingdom

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Fractured Kingdom
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Tytuł: Fractured Kingdom
Linia wydawnicza: Fractured Kingdom
Autor: T Dave Silva
Okładka: miękka
Ilustracja na okładce: Adam Sward
Ilustracje: Adam Sward
Wydawca oryginału: House Dok Productions
Data wydania oryginału: 18 kwietnia 2013
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 236
Oprawa: miękka
Format: A4
Numer katalogowy: HDP01001
Cena: 34,99 USD

The year is 2202; over sixty years have passed since the end of the Great War and the Purge that followed plunging the world into a modern dark age.  Since then man has struggled to rebuild, to find some fragment of stability they had before the generations lost to war. For most, the world is a cold and cruel place, the gap between rich and poor ever widening. The masses, undereducated, placated with cheap distractions and great television.

Under the static and the lies are other worlds, four Realms, the Dark, Grave, Slumber, and Verdant, places of fantastical beauty and horror. Secret places that share their gifts with those strong enough to take them. These are the Lucid, existing between the worlds and shadows. In the shadows, empires, known as Baronies, manipulate the world as they seek unknowable goals.

It is here that secret wars unfold, unknown to the Waking World. It is here that only the most cunning may survive outside the control of others. It is here that one may find freedom. All it costs is everything else.   

Blending action, conspiracy, and horror into a unique world, Fractured Kingdom puts the players in the heart of the mystery from the beginning.  Players take on the role of Lucid, able to tap into one of the four Outer Realms they struggle to survive in the industrial landscape of 2202. Every shadow holds the possibility of new nightmares, and not even one's dreams are safe.  


The Fractured Kingdom core book provides: 

  • Fully detailed character creation using the new Open Action System, providing players unique of ways to customize their characters.
  • World setting, including details on the Four Outer Realms, supernatural places the characters draw power.
  • Details on seven Baronies, shadow organizations that manipulate both supernatural world and events of the mundane.
  • Creatures of the Realms along with antagonists, both mundane and supernatural.
  • The Open Action System encourages dramatic play rewarding character’s backgrounds and player creativity.
  • An introductory adventure for new players to put them right into the action including ready to play characters.
  • 236 pages including artwork by Adam Sward.  

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