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Fallout RPG
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Tytuł: Fallout RPG
Linia wydawnicza: Fallout RPG
Autorzy: Alison Cybe, Jason Brick, Nathan Dowdell, Donathin Frye, Oz Mills, Virginia Page, and Sam Webb
Okładka: twarda
Ilustracja na okładce: Michal E Cross
Ilustracje: Michal E Cross, Tom Hutchings, and Stephanie Toro, Katya Thomas
Wydawca oryginału: Modiphius
Data wydania oryginału: 5 sierpnia 2021
Miejsce wydania oryginału: Wielka Brytania
Wydawca polski: Alis Games
Liczba stron: 438
Oprawa: twarda
Format: PDF
ISBN-13: 978-1-912743-68-1
Numer katalogowy: MUH052191
Cena: 20,99 USD

In 2077, the storm of nuclear war reduced most of the planet to cinders. From the ashes of nuclear devastation, a new civilization will struggle to arise. A civilization you will shape.

How will you re-shape the world? Will you join with a plucky band of survivors to fight off all-comers and carve out your own settlement? Will you team up with pre-existing factions like the Brotherhood of Steel or Super Mutants to enforce your own ideals on the Wasteland? Ghoul or robot, paladin or raider, it’s your choice - and the consequences are yours. Welcome to the Wasteland. Welcome to the world of Fallout.

This DIGITAL COPY of our 438-page rulebook contains rules and lore for roleplaying in the Fallout world, as well as concept art from the Fallout videogames. Utilizing Modiphius’ celebrated 2d20 cinematic role-playing system, the Fallout RPG will take players on an exciting journey into the post-apocalypse!

Create your own survivors, super mutants, ghouls, and even Mister Handy robots. Immerse yourselves in the iconic post-nuclear apocalyptic world of Fallout, while gamemasters guide their group through unique stories and encounters. The 2d20 edition of Fallout is as close to the bottlecap bartering, wasteland wandering, Brotherhood battling excitement as you can get.

  • Immerse yourself in this genre-defining setting with the official Fallout™ tabletop roleplaying game.
  • Create your group of original characters including vault dwellers, ghouls, super mutants, and even robots. Tell your own stories of survival in post-nuclear America using a host of non-playable characters and horrific mutated creatures.
  • Use iconic weapons, armor, chems, and items transferred straight from the video game. Scavenge the ruins of the old world and make your mark on the Wasteland.
  • Utilize the 2d20 System - a roleplaying rules set that supports both story-led adventures and detailed gameplay. Use Action Points to power your incredible wasteland wanderers, and augment their actions with your fantastic Perks.
  • Use an extensive catalogue of creatures and characters from the world of Fallout.
  • Gamemasters can kick things off with story hooks immersed in the Fallout universe, roll and build random encounters from tables inside the book, and even randomly generate locations and loot for their players.
  • 'With a Bang or a Whimper' 18 page introductory adventure

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Tagi: Modiphius | Fallout RPG | 2d20

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