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Eclipse Phase RPG
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Tytuł: Eclipse Phase RPG
Linia wydawnicza: Eclipse Phase RPG
Wydawca oryginału: Catalyst Game Labs
Data wydania oryginału: 23 sierpnia 2009
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 398
Cena: 50$ / 160 zł

Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

With exponentially accelerating technologies we reached out into the solar system. We re-forged our bodies and minds. We achieved immortality through the digitization of our minds, resleeving from one biological or synthetic body to the next at will.

Yet our race towards extinction was not slowed. Billions died as our technologies rapidly bloomed into something beyond control … further transforming humanity into something else, scattering us throughout the solar system, and reigniting vicious conflicts. Nuclear strikes, biowarfare plagues, nanoswarms, mass uploads … a thousand horrors nearly wiped humanity from existence.

We still survive … divided into a patchwork of restrictive inner collectivist habitats, tribal networks, and new experimental societal models. We have spread to the outer reaches of the solar system and even gained foot holds in the galaxy beyond.

But we are no longer solely “human” … we have evolved into something simultaneously more and different—something transhuman.
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