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Dying Earth
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Tytuł: The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game
Linia wydawnicza: Dying Earth
Autorzy: Robin D. Laws, John Snead, Peter Freeman
Okładka: Greg Staples
Ilustracje: Ralph Horsley, Hilary Wade
Wydawca oryginału: Pelgrane Press
Data wydania oryginału: 2001
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
Liczba stron: 192
Oprawa: Twarda
Format: A4
ISBN-10: 0-9539980-0-2
ISBN-13: 9-780953-998005
Numer katalogowy: PEL001
Cena: 29,95$

A future, unimaginably distant…

The sun, now in its dotage is a swollen maroon orb. It stutters and blinks. At any moment it may finally go out.

Earth, immensely old….
Dig anywhere and find a buried city or the shore of a vanished sea. Deodand-haunted woods stretch from decadent Kaiin to the Land of the Falling Wall. Erbs and grue hunt in the wilds. Isolated villages embrace surprising customs. Larger towns favor debauchery and miniching murder.

Magic, rich and colourful.…
Enchantment shapes the world. Any dabbler may know a few simple cantraps. Magicians in lavish manses struggle to master Earth's last great spells, while all-powerful cabals intrigue against rivals or plot revenge for ancient feuds.

Visit the Dying Earth

Enter this vivid world in the first roleplaying game authorized by master fantasist Jack Vance. Here a flashing sword is less important than nimble wits, persuasive words,and a fine sense of fashion. Create an adventurer for any of three different kinds of stories: a typical mortal such as Cugel the Clever, surviving by wits and cunning an ambitious magician searching for lost lore, like Turjan of Miir a supreme mage to rank with Rhialto the Marvellous, commanding the omnipotent but quarrelsome sandestins. The Dying Earth features easy, fast-playing rules that encourage creativity and interaction. No knowledge of Jack Vance's work is needed for play,but fans of the stories will enjoy the comprehensive summary of the world's places, creatures, and known spells. Authorized and approved by Dying Earth fantasy novelist JACK VANCE. Based on the Dying Earth book series by Jack Vance. Produced and distributed by agreement with Jack Vance c/o Ralph Vicinanza, Ltd.

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Tagi: Dying Earth | Pelgrane Press | Jack Vance | Robin D. Laws

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