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Dragon Age RPG Set 1

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Dragon Age RPG Set 1
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Tytuł: Dragon Age RPG Set 1 (Boxed Set)
Linia wydawnicza: Dragon Age, AGE System
Autor: Chris Pramas
Wydawca oryginału: Green Ronin
Miejsce wydania oryginału: USA
ISBN-10: 1-934547-30-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-934547-30-4
Cena: 30$ (przedsprzedaż)

A New Age of Fantasy Roleplaying It has been hundreds of years since the last Blight ravaged the world of Thedas. Many believe that it can never happen again, that the Dragon Age will pass without the rise of such evil. They are wrong. Beneath the earth the darkspawn stir. A new archdemon has risen and with it a Blight that will scourge the lands and darken the skies. The nations of Thedas need a new generation of heroes, but who will answer the call? Fantasy roleplaying goes back to its dark and gritty roots with the Dragon Age RPG, the latest game from the company that brought you A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying and Mutants & Masterminds. Based on the highly anticipated Dragon Age: Origins computer game, the Dragon Age RPG brings the excitement of BioWare's rich fantasy world to the tabletop. Make your own heroes and control your own destiny as a Blight comes to Thedas once again. Designed by award-winning author Chris Pramas (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Freeport), Dragon Age features an all-new game system that's both easy to learn and exciting to play. The boxed set includes:
  • A 64-page Player's Guide with an introduction to tabletop roleplaying, background on Thedas and the nation of Ferelden, a complete guide to character creation, rules for character classes and talents, a primer on magic, and the basic game rules.
  • A 64-page Gamemaster's Guide with an introduction to this key role, advice on the art of game mastering, advanced game rules, and an introductory adventure that plunges the characters right into the world of Dragon Age.
  • A beautiful poster map of the nation of Ferelden, the opening setting for the Dragon Age RPG.
  • 3 six-sided dice.
The Dragon Age RPG is the perfect portal to tabletop roleplaying. The core system is easy to use and most actions can be resolved with a roll of the dice. Dragon Age also features an innovative stunt system that keeps combat and spellcasting tense and exciting. So gather your friends, grab some dice, and get ready to enter a world of heroes and villains, of knights and darkspawn, of gods and demons ... the world of Dragon Age!
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