» A Game of Thrones RPG, Deluxe Ed.

A Game of Thrones RPG, Deluxe Ed.

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A Game of Thrones RPG, Deluxe Ed.
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Tytuł: A Game of Thrones RPG, Deluxe Ed.
Linia wydawnicza: Game of Thrones
Autorzy: Elissa Carey, Jonathan Cassie, Simone Cooper, Chris Desmarais, Mark Jason Durall, Debbie Gallagher, Sam Johnson, David Lyons, Wil Upchurch, Jeremy Zimmerman
Okładka: Michael S. Miller
Ilustracje: Roman "Amok" Papsuev,Nate Barnes,Dennis Calero,Shane Coppage,Thomas L. Denmark,Chris Dien,Jason Engle,Mark Evans,Jon Hodgson,Veronica V. Jones,Travis Moore,Lee Moyer,William O'Connor,Chris Seaman,Andrew Trabbold,Beth Trott, UDON
Data wydania oryginału: 2005
Liczba stron: 576
ISBN-10: 1-58846-941-7
Numer katalogowy: WW 08346
Cena: $99.99

? Deluxe edition includes the full content of the Standard Edition, including complete OGL rules, unprecedented detail on the setting of the best-selling series, customized character classes, new systems of Reputation and Influence, and a complete encyclopedia of people, places, houses and alliances in A Game of Thrones. ? Lavish edition features full-color printing on premium quality paper, dozens of gorgeous two-page images, foil-stamped leatherette hardbound cover, exquisite dust jacket, oversized cloth bookmark, silver gilding on all edges, and a pull out poster-sized map of Westeros. ? Adds an extensive appendix presenting an entire game system alternative: Guardians Of Order?s cinematic rules-light Tri-Stat System. ? Features an exclusive interview with George R. R. Martin himself.
? Every fan of George R. R. Martin will want this comprehensive encyclopedia of his beloved series ? even if they aren?t gamers. Informacje na podstawie pen-paper.net
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