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Kraken Ataken!

Dodał: Marcin 'Karriari' Martyniuk

Kraken Ataken!
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Tytuł: Kraken Ataken!
Typ gry: imprezowa
Projektant: Michał Kozak
Ilustracje: Sławek Kościukiewicz
Data wydania oryginału: 2019
Wydawca polski: Titan Forge Games
Data wydania polskiego: wrzesień 2019
Liczba graczy: od 2 do 5
Czas rozgrywki: 15-30 min.
Cena: 25$

Send your kraken to battle and make it stronger by putting the tentacle cards underneath. The tentacles power will be hidden from your oponnents! But a smart kraken will be able to estimate the power by looking at tentacles' colors. Trick your opponents and send them into dangerous currents before the battle starts. Here you can see that a card was used to switch the pirates. Now the enemy kraken is facing a pirate immune to orange tentacles! 

Once the ambush is prepared, the battle with the pirates begins. And multiple krakens near one ship will fight each other first! All the tentacles are revealed and the powers are compared. Only the strongest will get the treasure! The battles can be affected in dynamic ways. Save tricks up your sleeve until the end to secure your victory! Play positive effects during your battles or negative effects during opponents': deduct power or even cut off their tentacles! 

Become the wealthiest kraken and get crowned the Kraking for good! The most efficient way to do so is by collecting sets of identical treasures... or making sure that other krakens won't!

Kraken Ataken features: 

  • 15 minute quick party gameplay
  • colorful arts and miniatures
  • complete language independance 
  • rulebook in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish) 
  • tricks, bluffs, parley and backstabbing 
  • 2-5 kraken competition

Źródło: Opis wydawcy

Tagi: Michał Kozak | Sławek Kościukiewicz | Titan Forge Games | Kraken Ataken!


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