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» Heropath: Dragon Roar – Fire Light

Heropath: Dragon Roar – Fire Light

Dodał: Marcin 'Karriari' Martyniuk

Heropath: Dragon Roar – Fire Light
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Tytuł: Heropath: Dragon Roar – Fire Light
Seria wydawnicza: Heropath: Dragon Roar
Typ gry: przygodowa
Projektant: Izik Nevo
Ilustracje: Izik Nevo
Wydawca oryginału: Unique Board Games LTD
Data wydania oryginału: 2018
Liczba graczy: od 2 do 6
Wiek graczy: od 12 lat
Czas rozgrywki: 60-120 min.
Mechanika: Action Points, Action Queue, Area Movement, Card Drafting, Deck Bag and Pool Building

"In dark times – in your hour of need – I shall return to you – that is my path."

These words were known to famous isolationists as the final prophecy left by the Wizard. To others, it was no more than a rumor or a fable told to little children. No one really believed the prophecy, until that night…when the cursed hour arrived; enemies appeared from every crevice of the city. Out of the darkness, bright colors flashed and the ground trembled… and suddenly Wizard appeared, and whispered under his breath:
"Dance, you fools, dance all the way from here to hell… dance, but do not forget to whisper to the dragon along your way that the wizard is back – your time is over."

Expansion 2: The Wizard
1. In this expansion we added one more hero (in addition to the hero in expansion 1) + one more hero board and so we actually expanded the game to 6 participants!!
This intensifies the game experience and allows to the participants switch characters and refresh the game.
2. The arsenal of clothing and weapons has been expanded into accessories that are suitable for wizards.
3. The hero can throw battle dice which belong to specific magic and thus increasing the amount of dice which the hero can throw from 2 to 3-5.

    • The main advantage of this expansion is the additional fighting options for the game. It adds colorfulness and interest to the game and increased the possibilities that the hero has. It includes extra new cards or magic such as: ILLUSION MIRROR which allows the hero to do more actions in his turn.

We also added 4 magic dice to improve the hero's power.

Źródło: Opis wydawcy

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