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Beyond Humanity: Colonies

Dodał: Marcin 'Karriari' Martyniuk

Beyond Humanity: Colonies
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Tytuł: Beyond Humanity: Colonies
Seria wydawnicza: Beyond Humanity
Typ gry: kooperacyjna
Projektant: Max Salamonowicz, Pawel 'Bloski' Suski
Ilustracje: Max Salamonowicz, Pawel 'Bloski' Suski
Wydawca oryginału: Three Headed Monster
Data wydania oryginału: sierpień 2020
Wydawca polski: Three Headed Monster
Data wydania polskiego: sierpień 2020
Liczba graczy: od 1 do 5
Wiek graczy: od 13 lat
Czas rozgrywki: 90-120 min.
Cena: 225 USD
Mechanika: Action Points, Cooperative Game, Deck Bag and Pool Building, Modular Board, Simultaneous Action Selection, Tile Placement, Variable Player Powers, Voting, Worker Placement

Beyond Humanity: Colonies is a hybrid, semi-cooperative board game for 1 to 5 players. You will be building and expanding a human colony on an alien planet. You will experience a new milestone in the fusion of classic board game design, inventive electronic modules, and its companion app.

In Beyond Humanity: Colonies, players take on the roles of managers of a new settlement built on a distant exoplanet by refugees from a future Earth that is polluted and overpopulated. As a manager, you will propose and vote on new modules to be built, introduce decrees to define the culture and functionality of the colony, carry out planetary exploration and research to obtain valuable artifacts, gather resources, and gain public support from the colonists.

This is a semi-cooperative game, which means you will have to cooperate to keep the colony operational and self-sufficient, while at the same time competing to gain influence and make decisions on the direction of the colony's development based on your individual victory goals. If the colony fails, you all lose, but if it succeeds, there will only be one true winner.

Beyond Humanity: Colonies is a hybrid board game like you've never seen before: it is an unprecedented combination of a traditional board game combined with electronic miniatures that are supported by a linked app.

As board game enthusiasts, our team believes that an app should never take the player's attention away from the board. As engineers and designers, we fought to change the way software is used and can be a part of an exciting tabletop experience.

During the game, the app serves as a self-operating data slate that enhances the classic and traditional board game experience. It displays the status of the colony and its citizens and does not require any interaction asides from clicking “next” at the end of turn. Instead, the game gathers information about your actions on its own! Thanks to the CPU built into the central piece of the game, the app recognizes when the new buildings are connected to it and it can recognize smart cards with the RFID technology built into modules. The miniature buildings will communicate their status with you by flashing lights of different colors. The application on your smartphone or tablet is connected wirelessly to the colony itself and will display all the important information like the current resource statuses and the status of the residents.

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Tagi: Pawel 'Bloski' Suski | Max Salamonowicz | Three Headed Monster | Beyond Humanity: Colonies


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