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Konwent: Virtuacon
Od: 18 października 2013
Do: 20 października 2013
Miasto: Internet / Google Hangouts
Strona WWW: rpggeek.com/wiki/page/virtuacon13
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Virtuacon is an all-virtual worldwide RPG gaming convention utilizing free online tools to bring gamers together for The Best 3 Days in Virtual Gaming. Virtuacon is the convention you attend from the comfort of your own home - but run much like a traditional convention with slotted game events, industry guest speakers and contests galore. With 85 games being offered by world-class GMs, you can be sure to find something great to play! We especially welcome new players to the hobby - come and experience the rich world of role-playing with a community who would love to count you among our friends!


Virtuacon runs from 16:00 (UTC) October 18th until 22:00 (UTC) October 20th. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are our days of operation and we'll be slotting games and events around the clock.


The event is being run and coordinated by RPG Geek. So the focus is squarely on Role-Playing gaming with a few boardgames (think Werewolf and similar games) thrown in for good measure. We're lining up more than 60 Game Masters who will run everything including Pathfinder, Old School D&D, Eclipse Phase, Fiasco, FATE and Dungeon World. We'll see a bit of everything during these three days and there will be ample opportunity to get into a game.

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