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[M11] Kolejne karty

11-06-2010 12:38 | Paweł 'p4v' Stoff

[M11] Kolejne karty
Ujawniono kolejne karty z dodatku Magic 2011. Oto one: Sacred Wolf 2G Creature - Wolf Common Sacred Wolf can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control. "I raised my bow, and the wolf stared at me. Under its guise, my finger would not release the string." -Arif the Hunter 3/1 #196/249 Wall of Vines G Creature - Plant Wall Common Defender, reach Like all jungle plants, the vines must fight and claw for sunlight. Once their place is secured, they grow strong, sharp and unpenetrable. 0/3 #199/249
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Źródło: MtG Salvation


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