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Dodał: Marcin 'lemon' Łukasiewicz

Dogs of War Online
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Tytuł: Dogs of War Online
Producent: Cyanide Studio
Data premiery (świat): 4 lutego 2014
Wymagania sprzętowe: Core 2 Duo 1,8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, karta grafiki 256 MB (GeForce 8600 lub lepsza), 3 GB wolnego miejsca nad dysku, Windows XP(SP3)/Vista(SP2)/7(SP1)/8
Strona WWW: www.dogsofwar-online.com/?page_id=5...
Platformy: PC
Sugerowana cena wydawcy: F2P

In Dogs of War Online, you can manage your own company of mercenaries, and face the other guilds in tactic and merciless battles.

The world of Aarklash is at war, into the jaws of incessant conflicts between the forces of Light, Dark and Destiny. In each of these alliances, some free companies are forming and traveling across the continent in search of glory. Veterans with heavy past, greedy bandits and other disreputable guys group together in spite of their differences. But the competition is rude between mercenaries and everybody wants a piece of the envelope, whoever is the employer. The player has to exploit the abilities of each unity to achieve prosperity.

Dogs of War Online is an online strategy game inspired by an extension of the figures game Confrontation. The player has to spend his army points to compose his graded mercenaries groups, with the unities of its choice. Then he can send them to mission or try to beat his opponents in tactical arena battles, with a turned based mode. Every battle gives to the guild master some resource points to make evolve his unities, but also brings series of injuries, sometimes severe, even fatal.

  • Form your own mercenary company from three playable factions: Light, Darkness, and Destiny.
  • Take part in tactical battles which will permit you to use three  unique magic systems
  • Each unit has its own characteristics and evolving skills to enable you to refine your strategies over the battles.
  • Make your company advance in a persistent world, prey to many  events.
  • Send your warriors on a mission and strike it rich, through a original quest system.
  • Fight your enemies through various game modes ranging from classic “Team Deathmatch” to  ”Kill the commander”
  • Enjoy a free game based on the Free-To-Play model with over 24 customizable units to obtain,  and new  regular characters thereafter.

Źródło: dogsofwar-online.com

Tagi: Cyanide Studio | Dogs of War Online

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