Vampire: The Masquerade


Vampire: The Masquerade - Clan Quest [download]

Vampire: The Masquerade - Clan Quest [download]

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines: Clan Quest Dodatek do Vampire: The Masquerade dodający nowe linie fabularne, po jednej dla każdego klanu.
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Ajout Clans et Histoires [download]

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Ajout Clans et Histoires [download]

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Ajout Clans et Histoires Dodatek zmienia rozgrywkę, dodaje nowe klany. Dedykowany do francuskiej wersji gry.
The Monster(s): Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Quickstart

The Monster(s): Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Quickstart

Wprowadzenie do świata wampirów

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Muszę przyznać, że nowa edycja Wampira: Maskarady w znacznym stopniu mnie ominęła. Nie wiedziałem, czy zmiany w kultowej już mechanice – ewoluującej przecież przez ponad 20 lat – przypadną mi do gustu, ani czy wyraźna zmiana w settingu – wszyscy Starsi uciekli na Bliski Wschód &nda...


Lair of the Hidden

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Hidden from time and prying mortal eyes, Hunedoara Castle
lurks amid the mists of the Carpathians. Home to a cabal of
scheming Inconnu, the castle is the site of hideous rites. Who do
these terrible rituals empower? Or, worse, who might they protect?

Secrets revealed ? [t]Lair of the Hidden[/t...

Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom

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Africa has long been a bastion of mystery in the World of Darkness?. Finally, the domains south of the Sahara are revealed - and the laws of Western Kindred hold no water here. Out of the Kingdom of the secretive Laibon come the monstrous Guruhi, the atavistic Naglopers and the wise Akunanse - and u...

Chaining the Beast

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Not all Kindred follow the sacred Path of Humanity. Some forsake
their mortal ethics, giving themselves wholly over to the vampire
condition. Others abandon the moral struggle altogether ? and
find themselves in the throes of frenzy. How can the race of Caine
steel itself against its murderous i...

Succubus Club: Dead Mans Party

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The Damned are solitary monsters, contriving elaborate social situations for themselves to deny the prominence of the Beast. Parties and other social affairs from graceful soirees to brutal Sabbat ritae are the foundation of undead reputation. Hosting such affairs, whether as a pack priest or as a n...

Counsel of Primogen

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All Kindred from neonates to elders accept the primogen as the voices of their clans in a prince's domain. What truly falls under those auspices, however, varies from city to city. From councils of primogen that pull a puppet prince's strings to the coteries of primogen that exist at a prince's whim...

State of Grace

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Portraying a character who held his faith close to his unbeating heart has always been a challenge. This book looks closely at those Kindred, determining how they exist in the face of their obvious damnation. State of Grace applies real-world faiths to the World of Darkness?, making for a realistic point of character development. The next in the Year of the Damned? series for 2002.

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Vampire Storytellers Screen, 2nd Ed.

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Includes booklet, Contacts and Victims

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Vampire Storyteller's Screen

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Includes adventure, Blood at Dawn

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Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia

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Black Dog Game Factory Imprint

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Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set

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Black Dog Game Factory Imprint

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Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & Fire

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Black Dog Game Factory Imprint

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Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper

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Black Dog Game Factory Imprint

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Transylvania Chronicles IV: The Dragon Ascendant

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Vampire: The Dark Ages Crossover

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Transylvania Chronicles III: Ill Omens

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Vampire: The Dark Ages Crossover

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Montreal by Night

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Black Dog Game Factory Imprint

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Time of Thin Blood

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Year of the Reckoning

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Guide to the Camarilla

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Available as a limited edition set with the Guide to the Sabbat

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Vampire Storytellers Handbook, Revised Ed.

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Also available as a limited edition

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Vampire Storytellers Companion

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Includes storyteller screen

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Nights of Prophecy

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Year of Revelations

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Vampire: The Masquerade, Revised Ed.

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Limited Edition Product Code WW 02299, ISBN 1-56504-200-X

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Ghouls: Fatal Addiction

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Year of the Ally

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Inquisition, The

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Year of the Hunter

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Vampire Players Guide

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Since Biblical times, the get of Caine have prowled the world,
hiding from mortals and resigning themselves to the shadows.
Throughout the ages, their plans have unfolded and their
treacheries have come to fruition. Welcome to the Final Nights
? welcome to unlife as a vampire.

A collection of...

Red Sign, The

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The Curse of Caine is a Biblical punishment, handed down by
God Himself. Could it be true that a conspiracy of Kindred and
mages has found a way to reverse its effects? As the world comes
closer and closer to Gehenna, might the Kindred escape their
divine fate? Or is it all part of some larger p...

Caine's Chosen: The Black Hand

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Hidden behind veils of secrecy and mystery, the Black Hand serves as the martial arm of the Sabbat. When the blood and fire of the sect's packs and prisci fail to win the night, the Black Hand arrives like a grim cavalry on the cusp of the night. With all its autonomy and authority, however, the Bla...

Ventrue Chronicles

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The Ventrue: Manipulators of mortals and leaders of the Kindred.
Yet the Ventrue?s powerful façade hides a myriad of internal
struggles, petty rivalries and epoch-spanning vendettas. From
the domain of Prince Mithras to the reaches of India, the Ventrue
power gambit plays out nightly.



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Drawing the Vampire line to a close, Gehenna brings about the conclusion of vampires World of Darkness. Featuring a sliding scale by which Storytellers can custom-tailor the events of the End to their own chronicles, this book places the final accounting for the curse of Caine in the hands of the players characters

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Anarch Cookbook, The

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From The Agony of Oppession The elders kick everyone else around. It seems like a vampire has no purpose in this world except as a punching bag for the old ones. They'll knock you down, push you around and force you to do their vile bidding. That is, when they're not drinking you dry.

To The Ecs...

Ashes to Ashes

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When the Fire Burns Low Only the Ashes Remain...

The forged in steel chronicle continues:
Ordered by Modias, the prince of Gary, to present themselves to Lodin, the Prince of Chicago, a group of neonates find themselves shoved headlong into a maelstrom of Kindred Intrigue. While the characters d...

Children of the Night

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In the world of the Kindred, vampires lurk behind every shadow, planning their machinations and watching their prey. But who watches the watchers? Powerful Kindred from all sects (and none) move among their peers, protecting the Masquerade, interpreting the traditions of Caine, leading the Sabbat ag...

Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand

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Synonymous with terror and destruction, for centuries the Black Hand has struck fear in the still hearts of Camarilla's vampires. What would the members of that august sect give to know the role the Black Hand has played in its own history? The Black Hand is far more powerful than the Camarilla or even the Sabbat suspect, and its role tonight is even more critical than ever. Learn the secrets behind this most secretive of groups.

Guide to the Sabbat

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The Sabbat are depraved monsters, reveling in their Damned state and herding the kine like cattle. Or so it would seem to the uninitiated. In truth, the Sabbat wage a secret war on the elders, struggling night after night to free themselves from the tyranny of the dread Antediluvians and the Jyhad i...

Ashen Knight, The

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A Glimmer of Hope in a Darkened Soul...

Mightiest of Dark Medieval warriors, knights on horseback have cut a swath of crusade and war across Europe. Lords of men and slayer of infidels, they attract the childer of Caine like maggots to dead flesh. Some vampires seek out knights solely as ...

Dark Ages Companion

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Welcome to the Long Night, childe. Come and learn the secrets of an ancient race that comes alive after the last rays of sun have fled the sky and that hides in the darkness or at the foot of the childrens beds. A whole new world lies within, just waiting to unfold before your unbelievable eyes. Run...

Lord, Liege and Lackey

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Who would serve Cainites, the dread lords of the Long Night? The answer is surprising, as vampires draw their allies from all echelons of Dark Medieval society. From the humble cotter on the path outside the city to the prince regent of the greatest kingdom, mortals often move according to the whim ...

Midnight Siege

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From Graceful Salons to the Halls of the Consistory

For half a millennium the Kindred of the Camarilla have warred with the Cainites of the Sabbat. In the modern nights, though, the sect war can no longer be hidden behind the armies of kings or the fires of the Inquisition. How then do the...

Outcasts: Players Guide to Pariahs

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Far From the Maddening Crowd

The Camarilla, the Garou Nation, and the Council of Nine Traditions each have their own scapegoats, the little guys who are always getting kicked around. Exiled and alone, they haunt the back roads and alleys of the World of Darkness, always looking ove...

Vampire Players Guide

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A sourcebook for the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG. This provides players with material to develop their characters.

Players Guide to the Sabbat

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By Any Means Necessary

The Sabbat: a sect of diabolists and murderers whose sole purpose seems to be wanton destruction, These Night Fiends reject the ancient laws of the undead and revel in the fear and hatred they inspire, considering them tributes to their strength and courage.


Succubus Club, The

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The Passion of Life

The pain never goes away. Immortality comes with a price, and the full sum must be paid in tears and blood - your own blood, not the blood of victims. This is a horror which cannot be escaped, but can be forgotten, if only briefly. Only in the places of dance and pound...

Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat

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Are You Afraid?

One cannot know the vampires of the Sabbat. Tehy are the darkest of the dark, the vampires other vampires fear. Whether they are rabid packs of silent assassins, all undead quake at the thought of their dark ways.


But there is more to this deadly sect ...

Transylvania by Night

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When Fiends and Warlocks go to War

Good evening, childer. Welcome to our old and blood-drenched soil. We have known the tread of the Hun, the Roman, the Magyar, yet we stand defiant as we always have. Now, after sunset, cries of war and horror pierce the night. As the old ways crumble and ...

Vampire Players Guide, second edition

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The essence of Vampire lies in the undead characters, those doomed symbols of both good and evil. Powerful beyond human comparison, yet damned with tragic defects of epic proportions, each vampire is a unique reflection of its creator, and as such bears only little resemblance to other Kindred. The soul of a vampire is its individuality.

Clanbook: Toreador

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Potentially the mightiest of the vampire clans, Toreador is also the most divided clan, paralyzed by bitter infighting. For millennia, their world-shaking battles within the clan have been just as intense as their relentless struggles against other Kindred. No other clan has had such an effect on th...

Clanbook: Brujah, revised edition

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Brutes and Bravos

The history of Clan Brujah has been one of struggle and passion since its first nights. Whether challenging the tyranny of feudalism or rallying against stagnant institutions, the Brujah take their fight into the modern nights. Whether she is a political dissenter or a co...

Clanbook: Lasombra, revised edition

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Born of Darkness

The Final Nights have twisted the nobility of the Keepers clan, turning them into the aristocrats of that diabolical sect. Their legacy of shadows eclipses the light thrown by their packs ritual fires. But are the Lasombra truly the esteemed leaders of the Sword of Caine o...

Clanbook: Nosferatu, revised edition

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Hideous Horrors

Of all the Kindred, the Nosferatu most resemble the Beasts they hide within. But the clan is far more than a motley assembly of twisted freaks. From their first nights to their modern incarnation as informants and spies, the Sewer Rats have as many secrets of their own as t...

Wampir: Mroczne Wieki

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Oto, moje dziecko, jest Długa Noc. Wiek nauki upadł i pogrążył się w zapomnieniu. Wiek Imperium we własnej żółci. Mamy teraz Wiek Mroku. Popatrz, moje dziecko, na ciemne i dzikie miejsca, gdzie jedynym prawem są kły i szpony. Popatrz też na ludzkie miasta, gdzie stajemy się panami, gdy...

Clanbook: Salubri

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It Is the Way of War

Saulot is dead destroyed by the foul Usurper. Everywhere the servants of the Tremere hound the remaining Salubri, condemning them to the pyre or the stake. And while the land cries out for a healers touch, it is only by turning to the sword that the Salubri can survive...

Vampire: the Masquerade

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A storytelling game of personal horror

"No one holds command over me.
No man, No god, No prince
What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal?
What is a claim of power for ones who defy death?
Call your damnable hunt.
We shall see who I drag screaming to hell with me."
- Gunter Dorn, Das Ungeheuer Darin

Archons & Templars

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Vanguards of the Great Sects

Titles among the Damned arent always primogen or prisci. Somebody has to do the dirty work. From fighting Lupines to hunting rogue Cainites, from enforcing the Traditions to leading a crusade, a few bold vampires step forward to the head of the charge. Those va...

Clanbook: Setites

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Shaper than a Serpant's tooth... I wish you joy o'th' Worm!

"We are the small voice that whispers to you in the lonely hours of the night. We call to the darkness within all of you. We came from the dark, and to the dark we shall all return..."

I Wish You Joy o'th Worm!


Clanbook: Toreador, revised edition

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Cold Passions Inflame

More than just a simple clan of artists, the Toreador helped found the Camarilla and have extensive dealings with the mortal world. More than any other Kindred, they feel the damnation of the Embrace, as it extinguishes the flame of creativity for which they long. But...

Havens of the Damned

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Where the Undead Stay

Almost every Kindred has a haven, and those who dont are a sorry lot indeed. From a princes sprawling estate to the steam-tunnel nest of a Nosferatu, havens say much about their owners. This collection of unique havens looks at the specific needs of the Kindred who ma...

Libellus Sanguinis 3: Wolves at the Door

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From beyond the lands that honest Christians call civilized, they come to wreak havoc. From Outremer, the Assassins extend their murderous reach. From Hoary Egypt come the tempters who serve the dark will of Set. From the barbarous lands to the north stride the wandering Gangrel. None of them are pl...

Libellus Sanguinis 2: Keepers of the Word

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Do you see these scrolls? Do you know what they contain? Here is all the majesty and knowledge of Athens and Rome, of Carthage and of forgotten Ur, kept against the ravages of the centuries. And who has held these secrets in safety, childe? I have. For in knowledge there is power, and my knowledge i...

Libellus Sanguinis 4: Thieves in the Night

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The blood of Caine grants some power and beauty, but it drags others into the shadows and pits. Their minds shatter, their bodies wither and their souls rot. But with the Curse comes power, and in the depths of ruin lie the greatest secrets. High-born princes dismiss the lesser clans as beneath thei...

Ashen Thief, The

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Thieves in the Night

Stolen blood, stolen coin and stolen lives, the childer of Caine know all three. Beyond the courts of princes and voivodes, vampires earn their bloody way in the city streets and bandit warrens. They stake out their own informal principalities among the growing cities ...

House of Tremere

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Throw Open the Gate of Ceoris

High in the Transylvanian Alps sits Ceoris, the home of Tremere and his Usurpers. From its battlements they plot against magi and Cainites alike, send their Gargoyle slaves against the Tzimisce and increase their power nightly. One of the most secret and prote...

Jerusalem by Night

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The City of God

It sits at the crossroads of the world. Held by Islam, open to Christian pilgrims and longed for by the Children of Israel, Jerusalem is the magnet that draws three faiths to one place. It is here that East and West collide bloodily, where palmers from England and hashishin...

Wolves of the Sea

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Wolf-time, Raven-time Death Rides the Waves

From out of the north they come, relics of centuries past but deadlier than anything that has ever sailed the seas. For even in the enlightened year of 1197, when true Vikings are just a bloody rumor of the past, there are still knorrs filled wit...

Alien Hunger

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A Taste of Blood

A Taste for Death

Ripped from your comfortable mortality, thrown into a pit of blood and death, you strive with every ounce of your being to hold onto the last bits of your humanity, all the while feeling the inexorbable pull of the beast within.

A mile high where t...

Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy

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Eldritch Texts and Kindred Blood

Blood magic, the jealously guarded secret of Clan Tremere, has long been observed with a wary eye. Is it the power of summoned demons? An application of the Blood's mystic properties? The will of spirits? Or is it something else altogether? Only those who m...

Berlin by Night

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What do the Kindred fear more than the prince of a city? When a city has two princes...and they're at war. Then, every battle takes on new meaning. Every argument has a sinister purpose. Every decision risks offending one of the mighty rulers. Every decision may be the ...

D. C. by Night

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D. C. by Night

Washington D.C., a city born of the swamps, offers vampires a treasure beyond all measure: power. In this place where even mortals have might once undreamed of, the undead strive to win such influence as their peers elsewhere can but envy. Only the best try; only the most de...

Los Angeles by Night

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Call to Battle

Passionate and fiery, Los Angeles burns with an excitement found in no other city. It has become the center of fashion, art -- and the Anarch Movement. Fifty years ago, the streets ran red with Elder blood, and the anarchs claimed the city for themselves. They stood poised t...

Milwaukee by Night

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Under the Light Of A Full Moon

Created on the site of an ancient battle, blood still flows through the streets of Milwaukee each night, Werewolves emerge from the shadows to seek out their ancient enemies - you, the Vampire. For year Anubi have protected their Kindred in the city, but thei...

Clanbook: Assamite

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Feared by all yet courted by many, refusing outside allegiances yet willing to hunt Kindred for a payment of blood, the Assamites are among the most reclusive clans. Once hunted, these vampire assassins are now sought out by the Kindred to dispose of their enemies. Fearful tales are told of their sk...

Clanbook: Gangrel

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The Gangel relish their reputation as the most mysterious of the Camirilla clans, but even their secrecy cannot stand forever. Now learn the secrets of these enigmatic vampires - their history and legends, their allies and enemies, and the truth of their relationship with the fearsome Lupine. There ...

Clanbook: Giovanni

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Bury yourself in this book...

You've matched wits with Malkavians and done business with Ventrue. You've survived the soirees of the Nosferatu and the dungeons of the Tzimisce. Now, in this final clanbook, descend into the nightmare crypts of the incestuous Giovanni.

[b]...It's an offer...

Clanbook: Tremere

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Majesty and mystery - the two words are synonymous with the word "Tremere." Born of murder and greed, created for power and destruction, they are the most feared of the Camarilla clans. they are also the clan with the most to fear, for their enemies are everywhere, especially within their own ranks....

Clanbook: Tzimisce

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Called "fiends" even by other vampires, the Tzimisce are the masterminds behind the dread Sabbat; their atrocities have given rise to the mortals' legends of vampires stalking human prey in the night. In rejecting their humanity, the Tzimisce hope to attain something far more wondrous. Should they a...

Clanbook: Cappadocian

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More than a clan of scholars and priests, Clan Cappadocian is the Clan of Death. From their humble beginnings in the Holy Lands, these doomed vampires have spread throughout the Dark Medieval world, pursuing their eternal quest as time and history conspire against them. They are condemned by their own actions, and toil endlessly against inevitable destruction.

Clanbook: Cappadocian includes:
The history of the clan and the revelation of its demise
Details on factions within the clan and its curious mountain temple
New Merits, Flaws, and the fledgling Discipline of Necromancy

Dark Colony

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Few Can Feast on Freedom.

Once New England led the fight for freedom. Once it thought it could set its own destiny and determine its own future. Once its leaders were its own, children of its rocky soil. Even the land's vampires once believed this. But no more.

[b]When the Damned Feast...

Hunters Hunted, The

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold...

Until now it has been the Vampire who stalked the cities, feasting at will from any they desired. Confident in their Masquerade, sure no mortal could threaten their rule, they have walked without fear. But now their nights are numbered.

[b]Eat Napa...

Constantinople by Night

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The greatest city of the medieval world, domed Constantinople is a lodestone for the vampires of the Dark Ages. Immerse yourself in intrigues ancient and contemporary as you traverse the labyrinthine streets and torchlit bazaars of Byzantium's wondrous capital. But beware: yours is not the only hunger in the East that demands to be sated. Constantinople By Night includes:
  • Guidelines for immersing characters in Constantinople's intrigues, and;
  • Connections between Dark Ages characters and their modern counterparts.
  • This is the first setting book for Vampire: The Dark Ages.

Libellus Sanguinis 1: Masters of the State

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Born to Rule

These lands are mine, childer; mine for as far as your Cainite eyes can see. Who defended them when the barbarian hordes clamored to the north? Who fought off the howling infidels to the east? Who put down countless insurrections, both of Cainite and kine contrivance? It was I...

Three Pillars

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Three of the Pillars of Society

Lords and ladies, abbots and nuns, serfs and guidsman - the foundations of Dark Medieval society rests upon feudal obligation. Each denizen owes his superiors fealty and his inferiors duty. How, then, do Cainites reconcile this temporal hierarchy with their ...

Encyclopaedia Vampirica

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For centuries, the Kindred have hidden from the wary eyes of mortals. Enigmatic creatures, their efforts to uphold the Masquerade have often succeeded even beyond their own desires, and few Kindred of the modern nights even know those outside their immediate domains. But the long and terrible histor...

Blood Nativity

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An Enigmatic Invitation

The perfect accompaniment to the Vampire storytelling game of personal horror, Blood Nativity is designed to be a troupe's first story. It starts with the player characters as normal humans. Attracted by a mysterious message, an enigmatic invitation to a private din...

Awakening: Diablerie Mexico

28-05-2010 16:36 | Komentarze: 0
An adventure module for Vampire: The Masquerade RPG.

The players seek out a sleeping ancient vampire in Mexico to steal his blood, but find themselves on a hard road. Compared to the D&D Tomb Of Horrors module as a classic of its kind.

This adventure was reprinted in the later Diablerie, which...

Blood Bond

28-05-2010 16:39 | Komentarze: 0
Diablerie: Mexico is a full Story for Vampire, requiring you to pit your mind and body against one of the most powerful Cainites in the New World. It includes:
  • expanded rules on Diablerie, the most-hated practice of the undead;
  • details on including older, more powerful Vampires in a Chronicle;
  • information on how the mightiest Kindred protect themselves during their long torpors, including the spirits and traps which guard their slumbers."

Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion

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Hidden Sorcery

While the Tremere have potent magic at their command, Hermetic tradition isnt the only source of mystic power. The ancient ways of Egyptian magic, the Sufic trances of the Middle East, sacrificial Hindu rites and the natural magic of Caribbean craft can all be used to affect...

Book of Nod

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Legends of the Undead

The first vampires remember their first nights, but do not speak of them. Others have heard tales, but know better than to believe them. The wise speak of The Book of Nod, but none have seen this fabeled book of ancient lore.

These are their tales...

Their stories begin with the Chronicle of Caine and the earliest nights of the vampire. The Chronicle of Shadow reveals Caine's hidden teachings. Finally, the Chronicle of Secrets unveils the deepest mysteries of the Damned, including the coming dread of Gehenna.

Book of the Damned

28-05-2010 16:57 | Komentarze: 0
A Beast I Am, Lest a Beast I Become

"The need comes upon me, a tide of lust and craving that I cannot resist. Like a tree against the storm, I will not bend, but eventually I will break. I may contain my desire for week upon week, allowing the agony to mount, but eventually I can resist n...

Cairo by Night

28-05-2010 17:02 | Komentarze: 0
Ancients in an Ancient City

Older than both of the warring sects combined, Cairo sits perched atop the Nile like a pharaoh upon a throne, but all is not well in the city. Ancient conspiracies play out nightly while the Caitiff prince struggles with the resident Kindreds issues of faith. C...

Chicago by Night

28-05-2010 17:08 | Komentarze: 0
Only At Night Do The Dead Come Out

No other city so dangerously on the edge of chaos. No other city so desperately overcrowded. No other city so divided. No other city so torn by its conflicts. Chicago's streets are coated with the blood of those who have been destroyed in its ancient war...

Chicago by Night, second edition

28-05-2010 17:15 | Komentarze: 0
At Death's Own Wake...

Chicago, favored city of the Damned, is not as it once was. The streets, which have tasted blood time and time again, feasted as never before during the attack of the savage werewolves. Decades of effort fell in less than a month. That which has been immortal is no ...

Clanbook: Assamite, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:18 | Komentarze: 0
A Cult of Killers

The clans of Caine have only recently seen the true face of Clan Assamite. Once assumed to be mere assassins, the Assamites have thrown off the Camarillas debilitating curse and their mantle of silence. A diverse clan of noble warriors, erudite scholars, learned sorcerers...

Clanbook: Giovanni, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:25 | Komentarze: 0
Blood and Betrayal

Embraced by a fallen clan during nights long past, the Giovanni have always had ambition. Now they bring that ambition to bear on a world they would claim for themselves. With vast wealth, the ability to command the spirits of the dead, and a strict familial hierarchy, t...

Clanbook: Lasombra

28-05-2010 17:29 | Komentarze: 0
From their webs of shadows the Lasombra guide the destiny of the dread Sabbat. Unseen even by mirrors, these lords of darkness glide through the night they rule, orchestrating the rise and fall of Kindred and kine alike. From the Sahara Desert to the Spanish Main, from the monasteries of Seville to the mean streets of New York City, no other clan so embodies what it means to be a vampire. Clanbook: Lasombra includes:
  • The History of the clan and the foul diablerie of its progenitor;
  • Details on the clan's sinister rites and depraved games;
  • New Merits, Flaws and Obtenebration powers.

Clanbook: Malkavian, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:32 | Komentarze: 0
The Circle of Chaos

The childer of Malkav bear two curses: undeath and madness. From emotionless sociopaths to raving lunatics and everything in between, the Malkavians nonetheless command startling insight. Does what they know drive them to madness or does their insanity allow them too pe...

Clanbook: Ravnos, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:35 | Komentarze: 0
The End Is the Beginning Is the End

Long held in ill regard by other Kindred, the Deceivers nonetheless claim one of the oldest legacies of all the race of Caine. A young, vibrant clan, the Ravnos adapt, making the most of a hostile world and turning it to their advantage as best they can....

Clanbook: Followers of Set, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:38 | Komentarze: 0
Descended from the God of the Underworld

The sands of Egypt conceal a frightening menace a cult of vampires dedicated to their fallen lord. The Followers of Set are scattered all over the world, seducing mortals into cults and enslaving other Kindred through their own vices. Yet the Setite...

Clanbook: Tremere, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:41 | Komentarze: 0
Blood Sorcery and Blood Bonds

From her first night among the Kindred, the neonate Tremere leads a double unlife. Bound not only by the traditions of the Camarilla but by those of her clan, the Tremere must find a place for herself in her own hierarchy and in the deadly world of vampires. L...

Clanbook: Tzimisce, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:44 | Komentarze: 0
A History of Evil

From the antitribu who forged the Sabbat to dreaded Dracula himself, the Tzimisce have carved an indelible place for themselves among the society of the Damned. The modern nights have caught up with these monsters, however, who have fallen from their place as masters of h...

Clanbook: Ventrue

28-05-2010 17:47 | Komentarze: 0
Eternity is not merely about power. Power makes up only one part of the Ventrue's world, though it is an extremely important part. The vampires of Clan Ventrue understand that power has value only as a means to an end, not an end in itself. Thus they use their vast resources to extend their reach, a...

Clanbook: Ventrue, revised edition

28-05-2010 17:50 | Komentarze: 0
Noblesse Oblige

Capitalists, aristocrats, crusaders and criminals: the Ventrue have assumed the prestigious but demanding role of leaders. Forever in the line of fire, they have sacrificed their own comfort for the good of all Kindred. Or is this all an empty ruse that excuses their exces...

Bloody Hearts: Diablerie: Britain

28-05-2010 17:55 | Komentarze: 0
Absolute Power Can corrupt

The thirst for the most powerful blood can drive any vampire mad with desire. Its taste, bouquet, smell and texture are like nothing else the Kindred can experience. The feeling of it as it flows past undead lips is exquisite beyond belief. And the power it provi...


28-05-2010 17:58 | Komentarze: 0
The Older the Blood

Immortal, they've lived for centuries, existing on the blood of thousands and watching all they love age and die. They're seen their own power ebb and flow and watched humans come and go, building and destroying. They've sired childer, made ghouls, formed alliances, beg...

Gilded Cage

28-05-2010 18:01 | Komentarze: 0
The Cities are the Kindreds Domain

The Kindred are hidden masters of cities, growing sated on the blood of the vessels within. Their domains are built on the backs of the mortals they prey upon, their fortunes made by proxies, their havens visited by the famous to the infamous. The night b...

Guide to the Anarchs

28-05-2010 18:05 | Komentarze: 0
Break the Walls Down

Kindred society is stagnant, and it favors the priveledged. Elders claim domain over rights that, by their nature, belong to all of Caine's childer. Princes and archbishops alike abuse the very social contract that gives them the power they wield. What's the answer? Open revolution. Bring down the system!

Kindred Most Wanted, The

28-05-2010 18:09 | Komentarze: 0
We Have Nothing to Fear...

The vampires, the terrors of the dark, have their own secret fears. As they hunt, they watch over their shoulders. As they make their way from victim to victim, they listen with growing dread lest they become victims themselves. These lords of the night know that...

New York by Night

09-10-2010 23:29 | Komentarze: 0
One Sect Falls, Another Rises

In the wake of the Sabbat's aggressive campaign along the East Coast of the United States, the sect has spread itself too thin. The clever Camarilla took advantage of the Black Hand's disorganization and reclaimed New York City as its own. But with establishe...

Bloody Hearts. Diablerie: Britain

25-04-2011 00:52 | Komentarze: 0
This is an adventure module for Vampire: The Masquerade RPG.

The players seek out a sleeping ancient vampire under a barrow in England. The module contains new campaign material for the GM as well as the adventure.

From the Publisher "Diablerie: Britain includes: information on Justicars and the horrific punishments they inflict upon vampires who would dare commit diablerie upon their Kindred; a look at Gehenna and the role Diabolists play in its coming; and a deadly journey for power through a horrific barrow designed by one of the most evil vampires in history."

Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (V20)

14-12-2011 13:11 | Komentarze: 0
Published in 2011, the 20-year anniversary of the first editions of Vampire: The Masquerade. Available only by a special pre-order from White Wolf Publishing or by attending the Grand Masquerade 2011. On October 18, 2011, it was announced that it is also available through DriveThruRPG, both i...

Vampire: The Masquerade, 5th Edition - Quickstart

14-03-2019 20:57 | Komentarze: 0

Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror. You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity—afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you.

In a sm...

Vampire: The Masquerade, The Anarch (sourcebook)

30-03-2019 20:08 | Komentarze: 0
Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror. You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity—afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you.

As a vamp...

Vampire: The Masquerade, The Camarilla (sourcebook)

30-03-2019 20:19 | Komentarze: 0
Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror. You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity—afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you.

As a vamp...

Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows of New York

29-07-2020 14:19 | Komentarze: 0
Twoje dawne życie odeszło w wieczną niepamięć, nie masz co liczyć na życie pośmiertne, a twoje wampiryczne nie-życie za chwilę rozsypie się w proch, chyba że rozwikłasz nierozwiązywalną tajemnicę zbrodni. Witaj w Nowym Jorku. Witaj w klanie Lasombra. Porażka nie wchodzi w grę.



Vampire: The Masquerade - Clan Quest

Vampire: The Masquerade - Clan Quest

08-09-2009 21:29 | Michał 'shergar' Tronina | Komentarze: 0
Clan Quest to modyfikacja do Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Dodatek oferuje siedem nowych wątków fabularnych - każdy dla innego klanu, na które składa się ponad 550 linii dialogowych. Dzięki modyfikacji dowiemy się też więcej o najważniejszych postaciach z gry. Zmieniono też kilka lokacji, np. Empire Hotel. Warto też nadmienić, że modyfikacja jest zintegrowana z nieoficjalną łatką 5.8 i opcjonalnie z Arsenal Mod. Clan Quest ściągniecie stąd.
4 edycja Wampira: Maskarady zapowiedziana

4 edycja Wampira: Maskarady zapowiedziana

05-08-2015 23:11 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 10

Na oficjalnej stronie firmy Onyx Path pojawiła się informacja o nowej, czwartej edycji gry Wampir: Maskarada.

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Paradox i World of Darkness?

Paradox i World of Darkness?

30-10-2015 19:55 | Tomasz 'Asthariel' Lisek | Komentarze: 3

Szwedzki wydawca Paradox, znany przede wszystkim z serii Europa Universalis i Crusader Kings kupił White Wolfa, a tym samym – wszystkie prawa do World of Darkness. Daje to nadzieję na kolejne gry osadzone w tym uniwersum, zwłaszcza, że Paradox wydaje również gry studia Obsidian, którego twórcy pracowali nad ostatnim tytułem osadzonym w tym świecie – Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines z 2004 roku.

Limitowana edycja Wampira dostępna w przedsprzedaży

Limitowana edycja Wampira dostępna w przedsprzedaży

12-06-2018 19:43 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Modiphius, do przedsprzedaży trafiła limitowana wersja piątej edycji systemu Vampire: the Masquerade. Podręcznik dostępny jest na stronie wydawnictwa.

Dostępne fragmenty nowej edycji Wampira: Maskarady

Dostępne fragmenty nowej edycji Wampira: Maskarady

29-06-2018 12:28 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Na stronie wydawnictwa White Wolf udostępnione fragmenty nadchodzącego podręcznika podstawowego do nowej, piątej edycji systemu Vampire: the Masquerade.

Końcówka przedsprzedaży nowej Maskarady

Końcówka przedsprzedaży nowej Maskarady

22-07-2018 21:50 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Modiphius, tylko do 26 lipca potrwa przedsprzedaż nowej edycji systemu Vampire the Masquerade. Podręczniki do piątej edycji systemu można zamawiać na stronie wydawcy.

Najbardziej oczekiwane premiery GenConu

Najbardziej oczekiwane premiery GenConu

01-08-2018 14:31 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Na blogu Geek and Sundry zaprezentowano pokrótce najbardziej oczekiwane erpegowe premiery tegorocznego GenConu.

Dostępna karta postaci do nowej edycji Wampira

Dostępna karta postaci do nowej edycji Wampira

05-09-2018 09:38 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Ze strony wydawnictwa Modiphius można pobrać kartę postaci do najnowszej, piątej edycji systemu Vampire: The Masquerade.

Piąta edycja Maskarady w sklepach

Piąta edycja Maskarady w sklepach

18-09-2018 17:22 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Modiphius, podręczniki do piątej edycji systemu Vampire: The Masquerade trafiły do sklepów, dostępne są także na stronie wydawcy.

Pomocne wampiry

Pomocne wampiry

08-10-2018 11:20 | Tomasz 'Radnon' Cybulski | Komentarze: 0

W serwisie Humble Bundle trwa kolejna akcja z cyklu Humble RPG Book Bundle, w której tym razem można zdobyć podręczniki do Wampira: Maskarady, jednego z najbardziej znanych systemów wydawnictwa White Wolf.

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Elektroniczne wampiry

Elektroniczne wampiry

06-11-2018 17:43 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Modiphius, do sprzedaży trafiły cyfrowe wersje podręczników do najnowszej edycji systemu Vampire: the Masquerade. W sklepie wydawnictwa można nabyć podręcznik podstawowy, dodatki opisujące Anarchistów oraz Camarillę a także systemowy quickstart.

Wampir w rękach Modiphiusa

Wampir w rękach Modiphiusa

24-12-2018 12:57 | Tomasz 'Radnon' Cybulski | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo Modiphius poinformowało o podpisaniu porozumienia z firmą Paradox Interactive, na mocy którego przejmuje odpowiedzialność za koordynację i rozwój piątej edycji Wampira: Maskarady.

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Dostępny Ekran MG do Maskarady

Dostępny Ekran MG do Maskarady

04-01-2019 09:53 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Modiphius, do sprzedaży trafił Ekran MG do najnowszej edycji systemu Vampire: The Masquerade. Suplement w wersji elektronicznej dostępny jest na stronie wydawcy, przynosi ekran zawierający zestaw tabel oraz 32-stronicową broszurę z poradami pomocnymi przy tworzeniu i prowadzeniu kronik Maskarady.

Jesień 2018 na rynku RPG

Jesień 2018 na rynku RPG

05-03-2019 18:53 | Tomasz 'Radnon' Cybulski | Komentarze: 2

Zajmujący się popkulturą serwis ICv2 opublikował zestawienie najlepiej sprzedających się gier fabularnych na jesieni 2018 roku.

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Wiosna 2019 na rynku RPG

Wiosna 2019 na rynku RPG

03-08-2019 00:00 | Tomasz 'Radnon' Cybulski | Komentarze: 0

Zajmujący się popkulturą serwis ICv2 opublikował zestawienie najlepiej sprzedających się gier fabularnych wiosną 2019 roku.

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Wampiry o siedmiu językach

Wampiry o siedmiu językach

26-09-2019 20:06 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo Modiphius poinformowało na swojej stronie internetowej o nawiązaniu współpracy z kolejnymi firmami, które mają wydawać lokalne edycje piątej edycji systemu Vampire: the Masquerade. Łącznie gra będzie ukazywać się w siedmiu językach, niestety - jak na razie - nie ma wśród nich polskiego.

Powrót trójwymiarowych wampirów

Powrót trójwymiarowych wampirów

22-10-2019 15:43 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo Modiphius ogłosiło plany wprowadzenia do sprzedaży specjalnych modeli do piątej edycji gry fabularnej Wampir: Maskarada. Pierwsze zestawy modeli mają trafić do sklepów na wiosnę 2020 roku.

Upadek Londynu coraz bliżej

Upadek Londynu coraz bliżej

18-12-2019 21:08 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Modiphius, kampania The Fall of London do piątej edycji systemu Vampire the Masquerade jest już dostępna w przedsprzedaży, jej premiera planowana jest na marzec. Na stronie wydawcy zamieszczono także artykuł jednego z autorów podręcznika, Steffie De Vaan poświęcony temu dodatkowi i pracy nad nim.

Wampirza Zasłona

Wampirza Zasłona

03-05-2020 11:45 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Na facebookowym profilu polskiego wydania piątej edycji gry fabularnej Wampir: Maskarada zaprezentowano stan prac nad kolejną pozycją z linii wydawniczej systemu - Ekranem Narratora.

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Maskarada coraz bliżej

Maskarada coraz bliżej

03-05-2020 11:46 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Na facebookowym profilu polskiego wydania piątej edycji systemu Wampir: Maskarada poinformowano o stanie prac nad wydaniem podręcznika podstawowego - pierwsza wersja jest już gotowa i aktualnie powinna czekać na akceptację licencjodawcy, równolegle trwają prace nad wyłapywaniem ostatnich błędów.

Bloodlines 2 w nowym trailerze

Bloodlines 2 w nowym trailerze

07-05-2020 21:47 | Tomasz 'Asthariel' Lisek | Komentarze: 0

W sieci jest już dostępny oficjalny zwiastun Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, nowego erpega, którego akcję osadzono w znanym z systemu RPG Świecie Mroku. Gra ukaże się na komputerach osobistych, PS4, Xbox One i Xbox Series X, ale póki co data premiery nie jest znana.

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Wampirza dama

Wampirza dama

14-06-2020 22:35 | Jan 'gower' Popieluch | Komentarze: 3

W krótkim zwiastunie Bloodlines 2 widzimy Damsel – nową wampirzą bohaterkę zapowiedzianej na ten rok komputerowej i konsolowej adaptacji Maskarady ze Świata Mroku.

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Zwiastun wampirzego Shadows of New York

Zwiastun wampirzego Shadows of New York

29-07-2020 14:39 | Jan 'gower' Popieluch | Komentarze: 0

Polskie studio Draw Distance zaprezentowało zwiastun gry Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows of New York osadzonej w uniwersum gry fabularnej Wampir: Maskarada. Premiera w trzecim kwartale tego roku na PC, PS4, XONE i Switchu.

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Ruszyła zbiórka na nową wampirzą karciankę

Ruszyła zbiórka na nową wampirzą karciankę

05-08-2020 21:49 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo Renegade Games Studios uruchomiło w serwisie Kickstarter zbiórkę na wydanie kolekcjonerskiej gry karcianej Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Expandable Card Game, osadzonej w realiach znanych z gry fabularnej Wampir: Maskarada. Podstawowy cel zbiórki został już osiągnięty, aktualnie trwa odblokowywanie celów dodatkowych. Zbiórka potrwa do 21 sierpnia, a premiera gry planowana jest na grudzień.

Końcówka zbiórki na karcianą Maskaradę

Końcówka zbiórki na karcianą Maskaradę

12-08-2020 00:21 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Dobiega końca trwająca w serwisie Kickstarter zbiórka na grę karcianą Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Expandable Card Game, osadzoną w realiach erpega Vampire: the Masquerade. Zbiórka potrwa jeszcze do 21 sierpnia, ale wszystkie jej cele dodatkowe zostały już odblokowane. Wydanie gry planowane jest na grudzień.

Końcówka zbiórki na wampirzą karciankę

Końcówka zbiórki na wampirzą karciankę

19-08-2020 22:41 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Zaledwie nieco ponad doba pozostała do końca trwającej w serwisie Kickstarter zbiórki na wydanie gry karcianej Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Expandable Card Game opartej na popularnym erpegu.

Promocja starego Świata Mroku na Indie Press Revolution

Promocja starego Świata Mroku na Indie Press Revolution

25-08-2020 09:44 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Do 31 sierpnia trwa promocja na systemy starego Świata Mroku w Indie Press Revolution. Przeceną o 50% na drukowane materiały są objęte podręczniki do Changelinga, Wampira, Wilkołaka i Wraitha. Promocja obejmuje także kości i ekrany Mistrza Gry.

V5: Cults of the Blood Gods dostępny

V5: Cults of the Blood Gods dostępny

15-01-2021 18:47 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Onyx Path Publishing, do sprzedaży trafił podręcznik Cults of the Blood Gods, dodatek do najnowszej edycji systemu Wampir: Maskarada. Podręcznik w wersji PDF lub drukowanej można zakupić na DriveThruRPG.

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The Onyx Path Podcast #138

The Onyx Path Podcast #138

15-01-2021 19:54 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Na oficjalnych stronach wydawnictwa The Onyx Path okazał się kolejny odcinek firmowego podcastu. Tym razem twórcy rozmawiają głównie o niedawno opublikowanym dodatku do Wampira: Maskarady, Cults of the Blood Gods. Poza tym poruszono także tematy związane z grami RPG Scion i Vampire: The Requiem.

Virtual Horror Con 2021 i promocje The Onyx Path

Virtual Horror Con 2021 i promocje The Onyx Path

20-02-2021 13:17 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

W dniu dzisiejszym rozpoczął się Virtual Horror Con. W związku z tym wydawnictwo The Onyx Path przygotowało zestaw promocji na podręczniki drukowane i w formie e-booków. 

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Children of the Blood już dostępne

Children of the Blood już dostępne

20-05-2021 21:46 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo The Onyx Path, ukazał się właśnie Children of the Blood, dodatek do 5 edycji Wampira: Maskarady.

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Zapowiedź nowych dodatków do Wampira: Maskarady

Zapowiedź nowych dodatków do Wampira: Maskarady

26-05-2021 09:24 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo Renegade Game Studios zapowiedziało wydanie dwóch nowych suplementów do piątej edycji gry fabularnej Vampire: the Masquerade – dodatku Sabbat: The Black Hand oraz nowej wersji Ekranu Narratora. Oba mają trafić do sprzedaży w sierpniu, a obecnie dostępne są w przedsprzedaży.

The Onyx Path podsumowuje maj 2021

The Onyx Path podsumowuje maj 2021

02-06-2021 19:35 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo The Onyx Path podsumowało maj 2021 z perspektywy wydawniczej.

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Cults of the Blood Gods dostępne w druku

Cults of the Blood Gods dostępne w druku

17-06-2021 21:20 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo The Onyx Path, dodatek do 5 edycji Wampira: Maskarady, zatytułowany Cults of the Blood Gods, jest już dostępny w druku.

Komiksowy Vampire: The Masquerade od Lost In Time

Komiksowy Vampire: The Masquerade od Lost In Time

18-06-2021 22:07 | Joanna 'Shadov' Walczak | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo Lost In Time potwierdziło polską edycję komiksu Vampire: The Masquerade, pierwotnie wydaną przez Vault Comics. Pierwszy tom będzie wydaniem zbiorczym zawierającym pięć początkowych zeszytów oryginalnej serii.

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Lost In Time i AlisGames nawiązują współpracę

Lost In Time i AlisGames nawiązują współpracę

25-06-2021 16:23 | Joanna 'Shadov' Walczak | Komentarze: 1

Niedawno wydawnictwo Lost In Time ogłosiło nabycie praw do komiksowej adaptacji Wampira: Maskarady. Co więcej oficyna poinformowała, że nawiązuje współpracę z AlisGames, aby zapewnić spójność komiksowej nomenklatury z grą fabularną.

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Trails of Ash and Bone do V5 dostępne

Trails of Ash and Bone do V5 dostępne

27-06-2021 13:40 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo The Onyx Path, dostępny jest już dodatek Trails of Ash and Bone do 5 edycji systemu RPG Wampir: Maskarada. Zawiera on 4 przygody wraz z gotowymi postaciami do ich rozegrania, a także nowe Karty fabuły i Oblivion Ceremonies.

The Onyx Path podsumowuje czerwiec 2021

The Onyx Path podsumowuje czerwiec 2021

02-07-2021 15:30 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Wydawnictwo The Onyx Path podsumowało na swoich stronach czerwiec 2021 z perspektywy wydanych produktów.

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Przekład Wampira: Maskarady gotowy

Przekład Wampira: Maskarady gotowy

22-07-2021 16:35 | Joanna 'Shadov' Walczak | Komentarze: 0

Oficyna Lost In Time na swoim facebooku poinformowała o zakończeniu prac nad tłumaczeniem komiksowej adaptacji Wampira: Maskarady. Jest to historia, do której scenariusz stworzył Tim Seeley, zaś za rysunki odpowiada Dev Pramanik i Nathan Gooden.

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Nowe dodatki do Wampira w przedsprzedaży

Nowe dodatki do Wampira w przedsprzedaży

18-09-2021 18:49 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Renegade Game Studios, do przedsprzedaży trafiły dwa nowe rozszerzenia do piątej edycji gry fabularnej Vampire: the MasqueradeSecond Inquisition oraz The Book of Nod. Pierwszy z tych suplementów ma trafić do sklepów w styczniu przyszłego roku, a drugi w październiku.