Star Wars Legacy #46


Legacy #46. Monster, część 4

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Cade Skywalker's vow, "No one dies for me," is put to the ultimate test. Cade, who has long been on the run from his family legacy, has reached a crossroads with heavy personal consequences no matter which way he chooses.

Meanwhile, an opportunity for peace has turned into a three-way battle between Jedi, Sith, and the Imperial Knights!

Legacy Volume 9. Monster TPB

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Wayland is a once-fertile world transformed by alien biotechnology into a monstrous living nightmare. The planet was the scene of Kol Skywalker's worst failure and his son Cade's first brush with death. Now Cade and his friends have been lured back to Wayland, where a deadly secret festers-and a life-changing decision waits for Cade.

Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a chance for peace erupts into a three-way battle between the Jedi, the Sith, and Roan Fel's Imperial Knights!


Przykładowe plansze: Legacy #46

Przykładowe plansze: Legacy #46

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Na stronach wydawnictwa Dark Horse można rzucić okiem na trzy plansze z 46. zeszytu Legacy. Autorami czwartej części miniserii Monster są John Ostrander (scenariusz), Jan Duursema (rysunek) i Brad Anderson (kolory).
W USA: Legacy #46

W USA: Legacy #46

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W tym tygodniu na komiksowych półkach w Stanach Zjednoczonych pojawi się 46. część serii Legacy. Zeszyt, którego autorami są John Ostrander (scenariusz), Jan Duursema (rysunek) i Brad Anderson (kolory), liczy 40 stron i kosztuje 2,99 USD.