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Dark Times #01-05. The Path to Nowhere

Dark Times #01-05. The Path to Nowhere

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14-07-2008 00:01 | Jedi Nadiru Radena | Komentarze: 1
Nastały mroczne czasy. Rozkaz 66 unicestwił Zakon Jedi i rozproszył jego ocalałych członków po całej galaktyce. Zmechanizowane armie Konfederacji zostały unieruchomione. Bez nich nieliczni pozostali przy życiu bojownicy Separatystów nie mają większych szans w walce ze szturmowcami Palpatine’a...
Dark Times #06-10. Parallels

Dark Times #06-10. Parallels

Poważna zadyszka Mrocznych Czasów

21-07-2008 00:01 | Jedi Nadiru Radena | Komentarze: 0
Tragiczne zakończenie misji ratunkowej wbiło się klinem między Mistrza Jedi Dassa Jennira i Bomo Greenbarka, który nie tylko utracił całą rodzinę, ale także szansę na dokonanie zemsty na odpowiedzialnej za to istocie. Tym samym zakończyła się również krótka współpraca między Jennirem, a załogą przem...
Dark Times #11-12. Vector (#5-6)

Dark Times #11-12. Vector (#5-6)

Celeste Morne vs. Darth Vader

04-08-2008 00:01 | Jedi Nadiru Radena | Komentarze: 0
Załoga "Uhumele" sporo przeszła w ostatnich kilku tygodniach. Pragnąc sprzedać pewną tajemniczą skrzynię, jeden z członków załogi zginął, drugi dostał się do niewoli, pozostali zaś o włos uniknęli śmierci umknąwszy niedoszłym kupcom artefaktu. Teraz kapitan Heren jest jeszcze bardziej zdeterminowany...
Wektor #1

Wektor #1

02-05-2011 15:46 | Grzesiek 'SethBahl' Adach | Komentarze: 2
Żeby zrozumieć, z czym mamy tutaj do czynienia, musimy się cofnąć do poprzedniej komiksowej "epoki". Począwszy od roku 2006, a skończywszy na zeszłym, na rynku starwarsowych powieści graficznych dominowały cztery produkcje: Knights od the Old Republic (tysiące lat przed bitwą o Yavin), Dark Times (n...


Dark Times #07. Parallels, część 2

07-10-2007 21:30 | Komentarze: 0
As the crew of the Uhumelé heads for what they hope will be a big payday, Bomo Greenbark learns the reasons why pilot Crys Taanzer hates not just the Republic and the Empire, but even the Jedi. Events during the Clone Wars forced her to make a decision that she has lived to regret. And, though she cannot know it, her decision has had ramifications for Jedi Master K'Kruhk, as well.

But the real danger still lies ahead, as betrayal is piled upon betrayal. In the dark times, putting your trust in anyone, it seems, means putting your life on the line!

Dark Times #01. The Path to Nowhere, część 1

16-09-2007 12:41 | Komentarze: 0
"For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire."
--Ben Kenobi

The dark times are here. Even as the worlds of the former Republic are drawn into the iron grip of Palpatine's Empire, the g...

Dark Times #02. The Path to Nowhere, część 2

16-09-2007 12:44 | Komentarze: 0
Despite his acceptance of the Sith ways, Darth Vader is shocked to find the Empire-and himself-complicit in an evil he thought he had put behind him...

A Separatist freedom fighter deals with the realization that the sacrifice made by his brothers-in-arms has been for nothing-and that their famil...

Dark Times #03. The Path to Nowhere, część 3

16-09-2007 12:47 | Komentarze: 0
These are dark times indeed, when even the noblest of undertakings must rely on stealth, deception, and possibly the betrayal and abandonment of friends and loved ones.

Events have led Jedi Dass Jennir and his companion Bomo Greenbark to the planet Orvax-slave marketplace to the galaxy. There the...

Dark Times #04. The Path to Nowhere, część 4

16-09-2007 12:49 | Komentarze: 0
How many bad deeds can be justified by one good deed? In order to help his friend Bomo Greenbark, Jedi Dass Jennir has been forced into a series of questionable actions--and none is more potentially destructive than the one he now contemplates.

Or is this the true genius of Palpatine's evil? The Jedi, their status destroyed and their order broken, must now become outlaws and lawbreakers in order to do what was once considered their duty.

The dark times have barely begun, and already Dass Jennir is so engulfed in darkness, he wonders if he will ever find his way back!

Dark Times #05. The Path to Nowhere, część 5

16-09-2007 12:52 | Komentarze: 0
It's the end of a quest, but not the end of the road. Yet paths diverge, alliances are split, and doing the right thing has become a betrayal. The chaos of the Clone Wars and the darkness of Palpatine's Empire have allowed a smaller, more personal-but no less deadly-evil to flourish, and confronting...

Dark Times #06. Parallels, część 1

07-10-2007 21:25 | Komentarze: 0
In the last days of the Clone Wars, Jedi Master K'Kruhk finds his fate altered by Order 66 in ways he could not have imagined. Now it is not just his own life that depends on his skills, but the lives of many.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, Bomo Greenbark and the crew of the smuggler vessel Uhumele are being pursued by the Empire, even as they head for a potentially dangerous rendezvous.

Two separate tracks, each leading to one impossible choice that will change the futures of everyone involved!

Dark Times #08. Parallels, część 3

07-10-2007 21:31 | Komentarze: 0
Bomo Greenbark and the smuggler crew of the Uhumelé are caught in the crossfire between two criminal gangs, both of whom want what the crew has. But Captain Heren still has one trick left to play-and it will result in a dangerous surprise for Jedi Master K'Kruhk, who is half a galaxy away and who believes himself to be out of peril.

These are the dark times, and nobody gets away easy--if they even get out alive!

Dark Times #09. Parallels, część 4

07-10-2007 21:32 | Komentarze: 0
Bomo Greenbark and his companions have been imprisoned, enslaved, and tortured, but now Bomo has found a way out. Freedom beckons, but honor demands he take action to free his friends. And action means his captors are about to see a very, very dangerous side of him.

Meanwhile, Master K'Kruhk discovers that those under his protection are more in need of it than ever. Bad guys beware!

Dark Times #10. Parallels, część 5

07-10-2007 21:32 | Komentarze: 0
A resolute few fight for their lives-and the lives of their friends-in a final fight with serious consequences for those left standing.

Confronted with a nightmare scenario, Jedi Master K'Kruhk is thrust into a battle unlike any he has ever faced. To save those in his care, he may be forced to lose himself. Elsewhere, Bomo Greenbark unleashes an unrivaled fury upon the captors of the crew of the Uhumelé. His friends will have their freedom, and he will have his revenge!

Dark Times. Volume 1 - The Path to Nowhere TPB

02-12-2007 11:20 | Komentarze: 0
Jedi Dass Jennir and his companion Bomo Greenbark survived the Clone Wars, but the fate of Bomo's wife and daughter remains a mystery. The two friends are determined to find them, but their path leads them from danger to darkness-where each of them stands to lose more than they may hope to gain.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader must deal with some unpleasant realities-and memories-of his own. Though he is a Dark Lord of the Sith, even he must bow before the power of the Emperor.

Dark Times #11. Vector, część 5

02-03-2008 22:02 | Komentarze: 0
The biggest Star Wars story of 2008 comes to the era of the Empire as Darth Vader's pursuit of power releases a force unlike any he's ever witnessed!

Beginning the second phase in a yearlong, galaxy-changing storyline, part five of Vector puts the smuggling crew of the Uhumele in their toughest predicament yet, puts Darth Vader in a traitor's sights, and potentially puts the entire galaxy at risk!

Dark Times #12. Vector, część 6

08-04-2008 13:35 | Komentarze: 0
Darth Vader confronts the legacy of the ancient Sith--and the ancient Jedi--as the Star Wars event of the year concludes its second chapter!

Bomo Greenbark and the crew of the Uhumele find themselves unwilling witnesses to a conflict between good and evil . . . and eviler! The outcome of this bat...

Dark Times. Volume 2 - Parallels TPB

11-07-2008 17:23 | Komentarze: 0
At the dawn of the Galactic Empire, two beings a galaxy apart will do the unthinkable to save those in their care, only to risk losing themselves in the process.

After Order 66 forces Jedi Master K'Kruhk to take desperate measures in defense of some Padawan younglings, he believes he has found fo...

Vector. Volume 1 TPB

07-01-2009 22:28 | Komentarze: 0
Vector, an event with repercussions for every era and every hero in the Star Wars galaxy begins here!

In Chapter One Knights of the Old Republic Volume Five, a terrible vision reaching far into the future alerts the secret Jedi Covenant to the importance of Taris. They activa...

Dark Times #13. Blue Harvest, część 1

07-01-2009 22:44 | Komentarze: 0
Picking up where the two-part story on Myspace/DarkHorsePresents leaves off, Dass Jennir begins his first job since the destruction of the Jedi Order only to discover that the job description he was given is not entirely accurate. Facing great odds is all in a day's work for a Jedi, but Jennir isn't a Jedi anymore and his lightsaber must stay hidden.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader returns to Coruscant and must face his master -- and fallout from the events in the Vector crossover!

Dark Times #14. Blue Harvest, część 2

07-01-2009 22:44 | Komentarze: 0
The miasma of the dark times following the rise of the Empire entangles both the high and the low. Darth Vader comes to a realization about how short his future might be if he doesn’t follow his master’s every command.

While half a galaxy away, Dass Jennir, who has kept his Jedi past a secret from his employer, discovers that his employer hasn’t been completely honest with him, either. The job Jennir has been hired to do is only part of what needs to be done, and a Jedi never leaves a job half-finished—even if it means fighting ten-to-one odds!

Dark Times #15. Blue Harvest, część 3

07-01-2009 22:44 | Komentarze: 0
Caught between two rival factions, former Jedi Dass Jennir has only one option left—play both sides against one another and hope that neither side tumbles to his plan!

Dark Times #16. Blue Harvest, część 4

07-01-2009 22:45 | Komentarze: 0
Former Jedi Dass Jennir has woven a tangled web of lies in his quest to topple two opposing gangs. Now, all the threads are about to break, and the gangs will tear the town apart in a war that may doom those Jennir sought to save—but not before they take their vengeance out on him!

Dark Times #17. Blue Harvest, część 5

07-01-2009 22:45 | Komentarze: 0
Betrayed, beaten, and half drowned, former Jedi Dass Jennir clings to life while the town he vowed to save is torn by gang warfare. His only allies have been imprisoned, tortured, or shot.

It looks like the bad guys might win this time . . . except for one thing: a Jedi never gives up.

Dark Times #12 1/2. Blue Harvest, część 0

05-08-2009 14:33 | Komentarze: 0

Mroczne czasy #01: Ścieżka donikąd

22-09-2009 20:12 | Komentarze: 0
Nowa seria!

"Przez tysiąc pokoleń Rycerze Jedi strzegli pokoju i prawa w starej Republice. Potem nastały mroczne czasy… czasy Imperium."

Ścieżka donikąd to pierwszy tom nowej serii ze świata Gwiezdnych wojen, rozgrywającej się na początku istnienia Imperium, gdy sen...

Dark Times Volume 4. Blue Harvest TPB

12-11-2009 01:08 | Komentarze: 0
In a time when all Jedi are fugitives, surviving Jedi Dass Jennir is trying to live as an outlaw without actually becoming one. Accepting a job from a mysterious beauty, Jennir sets out to rid her town of a gang of slave runners. But when he finds that his employer hasn't been completely honest with...

Wektor #01

04-12-2010 12:47 | Komentarze: 0
Star Wars: Wektor to opowieść obejmująca wszystkie ery historii uniwersum Star Wars!

Seria łączy cztery cykle Star Wars, rozgrywające się w różnych epokach: Rycerze Starej Republiki, Mroczne czasy, Rebelia i Dziedzictwo.

[b]Rozdział pi...

Mroczne czasy #04: Niebieskie żniwa

29-10-2012 09:01 | Komentarze: 0


Dark Horse: zapowiedzi na grudzień i luty

Dark Horse: zapowiedzi na grudzień i luty

10-09-2009 12:25 | Grzesiek 'SethBahl' Adach | Komentarze: 0
Pojawiły się zapowiedzi wydawnictwa Dark Horse na grudzień i luty dotyczące komiksów z uniwersum Gwiezdnych wojen. Szczegóły w rozszerzeniu wieści. » więcej
Dark Horse: zapowiedzi na listopad i styczeń

Dark Horse: zapowiedzi na listopad i styczeń

14-08-2010 22:49 | Grzesiek 'SethBahl' Adach | Komentarze: 0
Na oficjalnej stronie Gwiezdnych wojen opublikowano zapowiedzi wydawnictwa Dark Horse dotyczące komiksów z uniwersum Star Wars na listopad i styczeń. Do tego czasu za wielką wodą ukażą się:
Plansze z Mrocznych czasów #4

Plansze z Mrocznych czasów #4

29-10-2012 16:22 | Andman | Komentarze: 0
Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z przykładowymi planszami z gwiezdnowojenngo komiksu Mroczne czasy #04.

Album ukaże się w grudniu nakładem wydawnictwa Egmont Polska.
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