Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade


Witches and Pagans

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Available for purchase only as an ebook from White Wolf Online catalog

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Crusade Lore

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Includes Storyteller Screen

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Artisans Handbook

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Fantastic Dreams

Genuine Renaissance men, the High Artisans of the Daedalean league master the Arts of Shaping, Forces and Naming. Mingling the disciplines of art, imagination and physical craftsmanship with the mystick theories of Sacred Geometry and elemental correspondence, they fashion great ...

Castles and Covenants

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Not Storm, Nor Steel, Nor Sorcerers Power

In the Dark Fantastic age, a sorcerers home literally is his castle. From the storm-blasted halls of mighty Doissetep to the craggy reaches of Portus Cruis, from the wagons of the Lickspittle Players to the ornate majesty of the White Tower of Lang...

Sorcerers Crusade Companion, The

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Magick is Afoot!

With The Sorcerers Crusade Companion, explore the heights of majesty and depths of squalor across the Dark Fantastic world. Cross blades with master fencers, indulge in the whims and excesses of high culture and journey to faraway lands in an age of exploration.


Infernalism: The Path of Screams

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A guide to Infernalists and Dark Magick for Mage: the Sorcerer's Crusade.

Mage: the Sorcerers Crusade

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An Epic Game of Magick, Faith and Science

Screams from the skies
Wrapped in nightwind
Spectre of Ages, Vessel of Gods

Sliver of Divinity
Ascends a Path of Thorns
Faith unbroken, Miracles at hand

Breaks chains of Ignorance
With Lamp, Blade and Daedalus wings
Striding out to challenge Night

Come Forth!
A Renaissance dawns
The Play begins.

Order of Reason

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Slay the Dragons of Ignorance and Fear

Born in a dark age, the Order of Reason stretches from the palaces of Cathay to ships bound for new and wondrous worlds. Like beacons in a storm, the Eight Conventions of Daedalus guide mankind to a higher state. But there are inany enemies in ...

Swashbuckler's Handbook, The

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A Lot of Daring...

To the Devil with the Dark Ages! This is an age of flash and flamboyance, where a swift blade and a quick wit can work wonders. Leave muddy battlefields to the crows! Mingling with courtesans and artists, philosophers and princes is far more comfortable... but no less deadly!
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