Mage: The Ascension


Zgrozy: Mechaniczna Dziewczyna

Zgrozy: Mechaniczna Dziewczyna

Badania humanistyczne w świecie Maga: Wstąpienie

02-05-2021 16:33 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 3
Zgrozy, cykl fanowskich dodatków do najnowszej edycji Zewu Cthulhu, wzięły szturmem polski fandom RPG. Chyba nie ma gracza zainteresowanego nowościami wydawniczymi, który nie byłby świadom choćby istnienia Pasterza Ciem, a była to dopiero pierwsza z całej serii przygód. Mechaniczną Dziewczynę,...


Tradition Book: Order of Hermes, Revised Ed.

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Since the fall of Rome, the wizards of the Order of Hermes have
imposed their potent will on the Tapestry of reality, discovering,
shaping and ordering the secret forces of the cosmos. Much of
the modern world?s image of magic itself comes from the Order?s
lore, filtered through sensationalistic...

Infinite Tapestry, The

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Once, mages boldly trod the many paths to the Otherworlds, creating new realities at whim. Those roads are now closed. The Avatar Storm not only hazards the Gauntlet between worlds, it scours whole Realms. The maps the Traditions once devised to navigate these perilous Realms are useless; whole new ...

Fallen Tower: Las Vegas

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The Ascension War sputtered to an end thanks to human apathy. The Council of Nine Traditions now sits on a cusp, as certain mages try once more to re-ignite hope in themselves and others ? not just hope, but a striving for something, anything. Others want things to stay the same, to maintain the cur...

Mage Storytellers Handbook

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Confused by Paradox and paradigm? Want to alter your chronicle's character-creation or combat rules, but not sure where to start? Looking for different themes in a variant World of Darkness? Mage can be anything you want - and here are the tools to make it so. By your will, it is done.

More than ...

Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council

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Why would anyone want to shut them up? Because their message is one of war: It?s time to fight back against the apathy and Technocratic control that Tradition leaders accepted without a struggle. It?s time to forge new roads to the Horizon, and break the boundaries of reality once again. This time the clamor will be so loud that no Sleeper will fail to Awaken!

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Destiny's Price

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Black Dog Game Factory imprint

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Blood Treachery

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Year of Revelations

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Lost Paths: Ahl-I-Batin and Taftani

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Year of the Scarab

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Dead Magic

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Centuries of Magicb

Civilizations rise and fall across seas of time. Along the way, each culture fosters its own mystic traditions. When mages of the present look for answers in the past, they lay bare the most terrifying - and potent - of humanity's superstitions. Such magics were forbidd...

Hidden Lore

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Includes Storytellers Screen

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Chaos Factor, The

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Includes battle map.

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Mage Storytellers Companion

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Includes Storytellers Screen

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Mage: The Ascension, Revised Ed.

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Available as a lkimited edition set, Product Code 04599, ISBN 1-56504-438-X

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Mage Storytellers Screen

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Includes adventure, The Angel of Mercy

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Halls of the Arcanum

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Year of the Hunter

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Forged by Dragon's Fire

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From amulets, flying carpets and magic wands to cold-fusion
generators and ray guns, magical tools have always fascinated
popular imagination. They also fascinate mages, for these people
can actually make these daydreams a reality. But the universe no
longer accepts powerful magic. Where wizards...

Dead Magic II: Secrets and Survivors

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Australia. Etruria. Scandinavia. In these places and more, magical styles were carefully preserved by cunning individuals who eschewed the Traditions and Crafts, but who evaded the Technocracy. Long thought lost, these cloistered practitioners have come forth once again - and their ways grow. The re...

Tradition Book: Sons of Ether, Revised Ed.

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Defectors from the monumental halls of the Technocracy, the Sons
of Ether are the avante garde of true Enlightened Science,
decoding the ciphers of nature and supernature through direct
observation and experimentation. Unlike their former brethren,
they don?t shut out the weird or the strange, a...

Tradition Book: Verbena, Revised Ed.

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The Verbena witches are heir to the secrets of the druids, the
power of nature, and the wisdom of the Great Goddess and the
Horned God. Theirs is the rage of the storm, the resilience of the
oak and the cunning of the fox. But charmed they?re not. Amoral
as nature itself, Verbena covens gather i...

Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts, Revised Ed.

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The youngest magical Tradition is the most vibrant ? and the
most irreverent. Virtual Adepts don?t waste time delving into
ancient grimoires or contemplating their navels. They?re too busy
surfing the razor?s edge of the next zeitgeist. They don?t follow
trends, they make them. By the time the m...

Ascension, The

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The Tenth Sphere Revealed

Long have mages sought the elusive Tenth Sphere of Creation. Each Tradition has its own theories about the nature of this ultimate metaphysical truth. To some, it is Unity. To others, Power. Many Masters have battled one another in pursuit of this awesome secret, ...

Artisans Handbook

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Fantastic Dreams

Genuine Renaissance men, the High Artisans of the Daedalean league master the Arts of Shaping, Forces and Naming. Mingling the disciplines of art, imagination and physical craftsmanship with the mystick theories of Sacred Geometry and elemental correspondence, they fashion great ...

Bitter Road, The

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The Road to Ascension Is Long

A mage faces many perils on the path of enlightenment. The Technocracy, Nephandi, creatures from outside our universe, and the missteps of hubris and Paradox all wait to crush an upstart mage. Even the personal choice of magic is endangered. In these perilous ...

Castles and Covenants

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Not Storm, Nor Steel, Nor Sorcerers Power

In the Dark Fantastic age, a sorcerers home literally is his castle. From the storm-blasted halls of mighty Doissetep to the craggy reaches of Portus Cruis, from the wagons of the Lickspittle Players to the ornate majesty of the White Tower of Lang...

Digital Web 2.0

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Welcome to the Web

Things change fast in cyberspace. Years ago, this living dimension was the playground of an elite few. However, the acceleration of the Internet, the spread of cyber-culture and the Great Crash of '97 (you mean you haven't heard of it? Where've you been?) have shaken thi...

Dragons of the East

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With Words of Thunder

Shinto priests. Shaolin monks. Ninja clans. Confucian sages. Hindu fakirs. Asia is a great dragon, slumbering as it awaits the turning of the age. Long have the people of Asia known magical secrets. Through the mists of shrouded legends, they have witnessed the powers...

Infernalism: The Path of Screams

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A guide to Infernalists and Dark Magick for Mage: the Sorcerer's Crusade.

Mage Chronicles: volume 2

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Mages Hold Magick in the Palms of Their Hands

Mages alter reality at their very whim, but there are secrets that not even they know, and when push comes to shove, they're as mortal as you are. That's why they need you - a normal person who knows and can do abnormal things. You and your ki...

Mage: the Sorcerers Crusade

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An Epic Game of Magick, Faith and Science

Screams from the skies
Wrapped in nightwind
Spectre of Ages, Vessel of Gods

Sliver of Divinity
Ascends a Path of Thorns
Faith unbroken, Miracles at hand

Breaks chains of Ignorance
With Lamp, Blade and Daedalus wings
Striding out to challenge Night

Come Forth!
A Renaissance dawns
The Play begins.

Outcasts: Players Guide to Pariahs

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Far From the Maddening Crowd

The Camarilla, the Garou Nation, and the Council of Nine Traditions each have their own scapegoats, the little guys who are always getting kicked around. Exiled and alone, they haunt the back roads and alleys of the World of Darkness, always looking ove...

Spirit Ways, The

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An-an, dan ji! Wey-wey, oh oh!

The secrets of the spirit world reflect every corner of reality. Show respect to the spirits and they respond to your dances and songs. Bring reverence to the spirits and you may walk in their world. No mans flawed magick compares to the spirits, archetypes o...

Swashbuckler's Handbook, The

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A Lot of Daring...

To the Devil with the Dark Ages! This is an age of flash and flamboyance, where a swift blade and a quick wit can work wonders. Leave muddy battlefields to the crows! Mingling with courtesans and artists, philosophers and princes is far more comfortable... but no less deadly!

Technocracy Assembled 1

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Control Today

The Technocracy strives for its own brand of Ascension. In the Technocrats ideal world, order rules, creativity is outlawed and the human soul is dead. Perhaps, but its a small price to pay. The Technocracy promises purpose, health and prosperity for all. One mans heaven is a...

Tradition Book: Sons of Ether

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"Gentlemen, I give you the amazing Electrodynamic Whirling-Tungsten Mobile Transmogrification ray!"

From the fringes of science and magick, the Sons of Ether carve mad magick and bizarre technology. Mixing Victorian psuedo-science with 1930s pulp fiction, these Scientific wizards dare to d...

Tradition Book: Verbena

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Beneath the Tree, we Dance

The moon peers between the branches of the World Tree as the Verbena seek the Sacred within the Self. After centuries of persecution, the Verbena have regained a foothold on the path to Ascension. The Verbena Tradition Book draws back the curtain of myth hiding t...

Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts

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Information Wants To Be Free!

This is the battle cry of the Virtual ADepts, who sculpt Ascension from raw data input, going beyond the barriers to build a reality of their own. Who are these anrchistic Technomancers, and what are they doing behind our backs?

Suck Data, Fanboy!

Tradition Book: Hollow Ones, revised edition

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Narcissism and Absinthe?

Somewhere in the limbo between Tradition and Craft, the Hollow Ones walk their own way. They don't need anyone else's acceptance, and they sure as hell don't need anyone telling them how to go about their business. Other mages dismiss them as juviniles and junkies....

Mage: the Ascension

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A Storytelling Game of Modern Magic

The closing of a millenium is at hand.
We have been crushed in a vice,
Trapped between rigid law and black chaos.
All we have wrought with magick is forgotten.

The Technocracy,
It rules the crystalline earth
And su...

Sorcerers Crusade Companion, The

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Magick is Afoot!

With The Sorcerers Crusade Companion, explore the heights of majesty and depths of squalor across the Dark Fantastic world. Cross blades with master fencers, indulge in the whims and excesses of high culture and journey to faraway lands in an age of exploration.


Order of Reason

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Slay the Dragons of Ignorance and Fear

Born in a dark age, the Order of Reason stretches from the palaces of Cathay to ships bound for new and wondrous worlds. Like beacons in a storm, the Eight Conventions of Daedalus guide mankind to a higher state. But there are inany enemies in ...

Book of Shadows - The Mage Players Guide

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By My Will, So It Is Done!

"We are the shapers of reality, the masters of the Path. We move the Wheel of Creation on its forward course and counter those who would freeze the wheel in its tracks.
Now if we could only cooperate, we'd be in business!"
- Porthos, Drui'shi Master of the Orde...

Book of Chantries, The

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Darkness Lives in Lands Beyond

corridors of Doissetep or the steaming jungles of Moreauvia, mages ply their trade. In custom-built Horizon Relams, these wizards build Chantries, strongholds of their might and monuments to their vanity.

Bearers of the Light Beware!

Intrigue and...

Book of Mirrors, The

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Within the exotic realm of the Awakened, wizards plot, demons rise and reality itself shudders in pain and rapture. "Now How Do I Run It?" Intriguing as it may be, Mage offers the would-be Storyteller a host of challenges. Fortunately, help is now at hand. This essential yet informal tome includes Storytelling advice, a developer's F.A.Q., secrets of the Ascension War, and many other enlightening goodies, like... A step-by-step chronicle history; A cotnprehensive index to Mage books, rules and magicks; Systems and suggestions for animals, shapeshifting, alternate settings and more.

Book of Madness, The

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Guide to Marauders and Nephandis.

Digital Web

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Silken Threads of Thought...

Between the leyboard and the mind lies the Digital Web, a Net of virtual reality spinning in an endless loop of format and creation. Fed by Quintessance and shaped by the Awakenedm this unexplored Realm of living thought forms the newest frontier in the Ascensi...

Loom of Fate

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Free Will or Fate? The future San Francisco hangs by a thread, The thread of Cob, weaver of the Pattern Web. One scared, gifted girl holds the key of the city. The Technocracy wants her alive, The Marauders want her dead, And the role of mages who befriend her May be foretold by cards in the hands of destiny. Loom of Fate is a story for Mage: the Ascension, and includes:
  • Details about San Francisco, a city between Pattern and Wyld.
  • A unique storytelling format.
  • A glimpse of fate and free will in the World of Darkness.

Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood

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Harmony is the Way of Being

Mages of the Brotherhood know that serenity and violence are aspects of all creation. Through physical, mental, and spiritual perfection, this fellowship hopes to bring Ascention to all humanity.

[b]Imperfect realities, however, require drastic solutions......

Zgrozy: Mechaniczna Dziewczyna

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Pod koniec XVIII w. pewien niemiecki zegarmistrz Johann Vogelmeyer skonstruował mechana – mechaniczną lalkę, będącą z wyglądu udaną kopią człowieka, i nazwał ją Annelise. Niedługo potem stworzył jej  „brata”, Kurta. Oboje występowali przez długi czas jako ...


Mag: Wstąpienie edycja jubileuszowa wydany

Mag: Wstąpienie edycja jubileuszowa wydany

24-09-2015 09:45 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 1

Wydawnictwo Onyx Path Publishing właśnie skończyło prace nad Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition.

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Dostępny nowy dodatek do jubileuszowej edycji Maga: Wstąpienie

Dostępny nowy dodatek do jubileuszowej edycji Maga: Wstąpienie

19-01-2020 09:11 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Onyx Path Publishing, do sprzedaży trafił podręcznik The Book of the Fallen do jubileuszowej edycji systemu Mage: the Ascension. Suplement w wersji elektronicznej i opcji druku na żądanie jest dostępny w serwisie DriveThruRPG.

Jubileuszowa edycja Maga: Wstąpienie dostępna za darmo

Jubileuszowa edycja Maga: Wstąpienie dostępna za darmo

18-03-2020 20:32 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 0

Tylko przez jeden dzień w serwisie Storytellers Vault można pobrać za darmo elektroniczną wersję podręcznika podstawowego do jubileuszowej edycji systemu Mag: Wstąpienie.

Powrót Technokracji

Powrót Technokracji

29-04-2020 21:13 | AdamWaskiewicz | Komentarze: 3

Jak informuje wydawnictwo Onyx Path Publishing, w serwisie Kickstarter trwa zbiórka na wydanie podręcznika Technocracy Reloaded, dodatku do jubileuszowej edycji systemu Mage: The Ascension. Zbiórka potrwa do 28 maja.

The Onyx Path Monday Meeting Notes (#17 2021)

The Onyx Path Monday Meeting Notes (#17 2021)

28-04-2021 18:25 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Na stronach wydawnictwa The Onyx Path ukazał się kolejny post z serii Monday Meeting Notes. Tym razem wydawnictwo nie prowadzi żadnej zbiórki społecznościowej, wspomniano za to o nadchodzącym dodatku do systemu RPG Pugmire zatytułowanemu Squeaks in the Deep, Exalted Essence i wysłaniu wspierającym PDF-a M20: Technocracy Reloaded.