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Star Wars Komiks #24 (8/2010)

Star Wars Komiks #24 (8/2010)

08-11-2010 19:08 | Grzesiek 'SethBahl' Adach | Komentarze: 0
Gdy patrzę na sierpniowy numer Star Wars Komiks, nachodzą mnie dwa wnioski związane ze starwarsową twórczością Egmontu na naszym rynku. Po pierwsze, trzeba wykazać się pewną dozą wdzięczności za to, jak wydawnictwu udaje się czasem relatywnie szybko reagować na to, co dzieje się za oceanem. Sama tre...


X-Wing. Rogue Squadron #26: Family Ties, część 1

17-10-2007 23:54 | Komentarze: 0
Wedge Antilles has some news that his fellow Rogues are not going to like. If they were hesitant to fly against Baron Fel, the Empire's greatest fighter ace, how are they going to feel if they have to fly with him?

X-Wing. Rogue Squadron #27: Family Ties, część 2

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Corellia may have somehow managed to avoid the devastating war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, but the back streets of Coronet City have their own brand of villains, and Rogue Squadron can be as heroic on the ground as they are in the sky!

X-Wing. Rogue Squadron #30: Masquerade, część 3

18-10-2007 00:06 | Komentarze: 0
As Wedge and Princess Leia complete their negotiations with the interim Emperor, Tycho and Winter make their break from the pirate thugs of Leonia Tavira. But both teams working in separate parts of the galaxy on the same caper are about to find they have something else in common: trouble!

X-Wing. Rogue Squadron: Blood and Honor TPB

16-10-2007 23:12 | Komentarze: 0
Baron Soontir Fel, the greatest fighter ace of the Empire, has been captured by the Rebel Alliance. But from the shadowed recesses of a Rebel interrogation chamber, Fel tells a story of the deception and corruption beneath the Empire's orderly surface... and sets the stage for his own defection to the Rebellion. This collection concludes the events set in motion in X-Wing Rogue Squadron: In the Empire's Service.

Purge #2. Seconds To Die

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After Order 66, the Jedi purge led by the dark and fearsome Sith Lord Darth Vader, most of the remaining Jedi are hiding to survive —but not all. Sha Koon, niece of the esteemed Plo Koon, has narrowly escaped the attack on the Jedi Temple, and has been left full of questions about the dark side. Sha Koon will not hide; she will find another way to continue being a Jedi— one that will place her directly in the path of Darth Vader and the Emperor!

Star Wars Komiks #24 (8/2010)

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Miesięcznik Star Wars Komiks przedstawia na 48 stronach zamknięte opowieści komiksowe z odległej galaktyki. W numerze 8/2010 znalazły się trzy historie:

Najcenniejsza broń
Głównym bohaterem komiksu jest hrabia Dooku, były uczeń Yody, uważany za jednego z najzdolniejszy...