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21-11-2023 13:38

Fate: House of Bards - a review

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When I think of the fantasy novels I really like – A Game of Thrones, works by Brandon Sanderson, heck, even Harry Potter – I see that politics is a big thing in them. However, the politics is always of a fantasy kind – Daenerys wants to go back home (with an army), the Dark Lord wanna kill the Muggles, people in Elantris try to organize themselves etc. By that I mean, I have never ever meet a piece of fantasy literature that would show the politics the way we, normal people, have to deal with it – laws, taxes and counting votes for places in Parliaments.

The exception, first and so far the only one I know, is a micro-setting for Fate known as House of Bards. This little booklet combines well-known fantasy general tropes with a political life we can read about in newspapers or see on the evening news. If you wanna know what House of Bards is and whether I like it or not, please, bear with me!


Hej ;-)

Na moim blogu anglojęzycznym ukazała się recenzja settingu do Fate zatytułowanego House of Bards ;-) Enjoy :-)

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