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19-05-2023 21:59

[EN] GURPS: Spaceships and Warlocks

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Przeglądałem właśnie mój GDrive i znalazłem w jego odmętach poniższy tekst. WKlejam go Wam tutaj, żebyście mogli się z nim zapoznać. Możliwe, że przetłumaczę go kiedyśna polski (nie jest długi) i rozwinę setting? ;-)

GURPS: Spaceships and Warlocks

Loose notes on the world


Every star system have it’s own Dragon King. Dragon Kings are the direct manifestation of star’s lifeforce. They are also called Golden Dragons because of their beautiful colours. Every Dragon King has a bright colorization related to the color of star that gave them birth (often some variation of gold or silver, but also more exotic, such as blue etc.). Every one of them also possesses golden-silver, bright eyes. 

When the star is closing to the date of its death, becoming bigger and hotter, it’s Dragon-King changes too. He is becoming bigger, his eyes change color to deep red-and-orange and he becomes a Dragon Sage. Dragon Sages are bigger than regular Dragon Kings, more wise and experienced. They also have long, white beards. Sadly, their magic, like all magic in their solar system, slowly deteriorates. When the star finally dies, all magic around her vanish too. Depending on the specific way the star dies, its planets can continue their journey through space cold and dead (in case of supernova) or be absorbed by newly created black hole. Either way, the only remnant of star that was is Dragon Sage Body. Small groups of survivors from lost planets sometimes inhabit such a corpse, changing it into a generation ship, searching for a new home. 

Recently, they appeared new dragons within the galaxy. Since the last decade there has been a lot of deaths of stars, sometimes instant. Their dragons do not die, however, but become Dark Star Dragons. As a black hole absorbs all the matter, the dragon becomes an undead creature, mockery of defender of solar system it once was. Its claws and teeth grow longer, it beautiful colors become dark and ugly, and its magic gets twisted. As the Sun which was a source of life and magic blackens, so does its dragon. In such a star system dark magic is more powerful, but all other kinds are weaker, yet still usable, unlike in typical death stars where magic simply does not exist. 

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