Changeling: the Lost


The Equinox Road

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The road was long, through maze and moor,
To gates of glass, all too secure
Through which we see the damning sights
Of true Arcadian allure.

Our swords are stained with blood of knights,
Our garments torn by darkling frights,
Our faces stained by love and hate,
Yet we have gained these fina...

Changeling: the Lost. Free Rules and Adventure

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Your Journey Begins Here

This free booklet gives you and five of your friends everything you need to play your first game of Changeling: The Lost, White Wolf's all-new Storytelling Game of Beautiful Madness. Discover the Wonder and terror of the Lost in Dwelling in Darkness a complete introductory scenario.
All the necessary rules are included. All you need is a few 10-sided dice and you're ready to go.


Changeling: The Lost w Bundle of Holding

Changeling: The Lost w Bundle of Holding

15-03-2017 10:55 | Szymon 'Kaworu92' Brycki | Komentarze: 0

Na stronie internetowej Bundle of Holding można otrzymać w okazyjnej cenie podręczniki do systemu RPG Changeling: The Lost.

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